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Writing Discrimination Into the Constitution

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage, and likely prohibit civil unions and other forms of domestic partnerships. S.J. Res 1 -- the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" -- passed the committee on a 10-8 party-line vote after Chairman Arlen Specter (R-PA), who said he was "totally opposed" to the bill, voted for it. The vote took place in a room just off the Senate floor that was closed to the general public. Instead of acting on the issues that most Americans indicate they are concerned about -- Iraq, gas prices, and stem cells among them -- the Senate is moving ahead with a divisive bill that growing numbers of Americans oppose. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the committee's ranking member, said the measure is "part of an election-year political agenda" to satisfy the right wing. "The Constitution's too important to be used for such base partisan politics." The Constitution has been amended to eliminate slavery, to give women the right to vote, and to secure for every person the equal protection of the laws. It has never been amended to mandate discrimination.


  1. "...the measure is "part of an election-year political agenda..."

    That's exactly what it is.

    Damn cretins. Why these people always have to have something or someone -- an entire group of people -- to be against is beyond me.

    They must've all been unloved as children and now they're striking back.

  2. It's so obvious what they're doing. With two thirds of America ticked off with them, hopefully this idiot move will be recognized for what it is. You are so right, banning gay marriage is most likely not on anyone's radar these days. It shouldn't be, any day.

  3. Can we say that we agree it is NOT a State's Rights issue?

    Marriage, as far as the laws of any state or the federal government are concerned, is a Financial issue, a Tax issue and, perhaps, though I'm not quite comfortable with that at the moment, a health issue.

    It is anything but their moral concern. Which is exactly why the theocratic Right wants it. The rest of the Right just dissembles for the votes, and cuz it's alot easier to play it macho than feminist in our culture.

    Femme becomes effete and weak and, thus, either prey or property when Gender Rules are decreed by Law.

  4. Given some of the Repuglicans ON this committee (see here), this version of the amendment was probably a watered down version. An earlier version probably had gays stoned to death or something, and straight couples "living in sin" forced to endure 5000 hours of fundamentalist "counseling."

  5. On a serious note, to that point, I could see public executions of lethal injections broadcast live, soon.

    The idea of it makes the emotionalism of people's take on the death penalty readily attributable to fear, not reason or desire for the best outcome.

    Vengeance is still given too much legal merit in out society of societies.


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