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Disbelieve It or Don't

"Your Book Is Fascinating"

Bereft and Bereaved, That's Me

One Round, Two Scores!!

70 Years in Infamy

Dude! Where's My Spaceship?!

Make Mine A Double

The Answer to Her ? Should Be NO!

. . it's just the normal noises in here . .

Godless Heathen Gets Some Respect

More Pink Showin' and Less Red Flowin'

License? We Don't Need No Stinkin' License.


Jesus Ain't Throwing Anyone Any Lines . .

Oh! That More Would Come Forth . .

Just a Quickie . .

Bad with the Good

$kewe(re)d Prioritie$

Bushies' Big Bad Bullshit




"... if the Public understood ..."

(Yesterday Was) Yuri Gagarin Day

Time Wins Again

For the President Who Has It All

. . and looking more closely we find . .

Money Over Matter (and Mind for that Matter. . )

. . I done!*

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checking a concept

Sunday Mornin' Sodomi. . er, Sermonizin'