"Your Book Is Fascinating"

Wow! Bill O'Reilly said something I can totally agree with.

Maybe it's just cuz it was so brief, but that really was a surprisingly cordial interview, eh. Bill O' used some faulty canards and, while Dawkins didn't have time to clearly dispute them (that would've "warmed" things up a bit I'm thinking {-; ), neither did he fall victim to any crazy emotionalistic tantrums.

Tip o' the hat to Russell's Teapot, which I've come across before.


  1. That's the only way O'Reilly could have possibly debated with Dawkins - to flood him with verbage and not give him the time he so rightly deserved. That's O'Reilly's style - bully. Thanks for putting this clip up. I had not seen it.

  2. Agreed. You can see D holding back but ready to expand if given the chance. All in all, I thought - wow! I say again - they both "behaved" fairly well.

    Hmmm... though Bill O' was prob'ly just giddy 'bout having such a "mega" best-seller on to boost his ratings and help his image draw back from total hate monger mode.

    Hate to say it, but that's really more likely than anything else, eh.

  3. Adorable GirlfriendApril 30, 2007 9:56 PM

    The only thing that idiot says that AG will agree with is, "I should quit "journalism."

  4. LOL! There's never been a more appropriate use of those "sarcasm quotes"!



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