Jesus Ain't Throwing Anyone Any Lines . .

. . so it's completely up to you and me and those we know. If we don't, then No One will.

Tip of m' hat to the marvelous Peacechick Mary.



  1. I love that song! I Do believe in love and others and peace on earth. Thanks, Michael.

  2. Back atchya amiga 'mine.

    I'm really glad you posted it cuz the song is so brilliant on its own, and the Tube just highlights the need the lyric describes beautifully.

    Peace on Earth 'Specially right now, it's a possibility so incredibly worth believing.

  3. Michael - I'va ehad a few kirs, so I'm feeling pretty sentimental anyway. Just watched that vid completely motionless and glued to the screen, the images and the words so well suited.
    Thanks for posting it, thanks to the original posters and authors.

  4. Thank you for posting my video. It means a lot to me to know that people understand that the end of suffering in this world starts with personal awareness, and continues with reaching out where we can.

  5. Thank You for sharing it, Chainedflesh. I think the folks who read this blog have already a higher than average awareness of the very real problems in our human cultures, and your composition is truly moving, so you can be sure it's much appreciated here.

    My humble li'l blog is the best venue I have to share the kind of message you've supplied and I thank again for a beautifully rendered message.



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