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Die DIE DIEEEEE!!! :-)

Howdy (New?) Neighbors!!!

My (sort of) Blue State, Ohio

When Success Equals Failure

Words of Wis(h)dom

Who Do You?

Hearing the Surf of the Sun

much sensation in your mouth

You Put Your Left Wheel In ... And You Shake It All About

Ho Ho huh uh Oh... Um Good Luck With That...

Simpler Way

acCid3nt 0f b1rt4

Skippy says "Save the Earth and Gargle my farts, Shrub!"

Very Cool!

Salvation Through Pumpkin Pie


That Bird Don't Fly

ego distended

As If We Didn't Know...

What You Sayin', Rudy?


Let's Try This Again, and Again, and Again..

If Wishes Were Fishes...

"Ownership Society"

Are You A Terrorist Buster?

"...Become a Ripple in the Poisonous Political Pond..."

Too True, eh Mr. Jones?

Gotta Love Them Clams!

That's What I Get

Oh! Me of Little Faith!

Hmmm... Kinda reminds me of Hillary

"I Hear His Birkenstocks Clacking"

(sorry AG, but...)

Black And White

BUGger Them DAMN Yankees!!!

On the Ebb

tonight! Tonight!! TONIGHT!!!

True . .

23.375 So Far...

Another Hughe$ Mistake

Obla Di

Movin' It On

The Purpose of the United States' Government

America: aka Fantasy Island

Obsequens Emptor

Greenspan: "I didn't get it."

Saturday Sans Sun

Chicken Little - Eagle BIG

I Can Totally Feckin' Relate...

Nagasaki's Revenge