Obla Di

Moderation obviates obsession
so that even extremism
can be healthy
in smallish
well prepared doses

Be free

Think well

Work hard

Have fun

Obla Da


  1. Consumerism is one thing It try and try again to beat!

  2. You and me both, AG! I've kicked quite a few things now, though, so I'm confident that'll beat it as well. Even if teh gods ain't willin' an' the creek does rise, eh. {-;

    In the immortal words of some TV sales-wiener, You can Do iT!

  3. Thank you for obla di obla da and for the thoughtful and thought-provoking post. I'm smiling.

  4. That vid did the same to me, Wren! :))) I just wanted the song incorporated somehow, so went to 'Tube Central and searched it. vois la!

    Sans a healthy dose of Consumerism, that kinda thing - hekk, the entire freakin' Blogosphere! - was just not gonna ever happen. How could it? Who'd've thunk to make it or any of of its predecessor technologies possible w/o a profit motive?

    And the vid shows just how merrily Life Goes On. LA!


  5. "so that even extremism
    can be healthy
    . . . in smallish
    well prepared doses

    Brilliant - and the best advice I got in a while. I am cursed with the tendency to sometimes see things in black and white, and need to remind myself of the grays.

  6. I struggle everyday with it. Trust me!

    Every damn day.

  7. Thanks, Nava. :)

    Maybe keeping an Ansel Adams, a calendar even, up in your studio as a nice reminder.

    Oy! I hears ya, Adorable. I know I do it cuz I think too much 'bout things which don't need much thought. Stuff that needs action or nuttin' or to be passed over 'til I'm ready to just do it.

    I'm workin' on that.

    Obla da..!

  8. Good thoughts. I do believe in recycling and connecting unwanted used goods with folks who will use them.

    That vid is precious. I wonder if they could use the half-dozen organic cotton terry cloth diapers I still have despite the fact that the person who wore them is now seven years old...


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