Saturday Sans Sun

But it's only 6:30 in the AM, so that'll change soon enough.


less absent than common sense
apocrypha on the lips
tips of tongues and spewing
regularly imbuing small lives
with larger self impressions

holding court in absentia
delayed gratification becomes anathema
when what one wants
is only never to be thought the other
apocrypha lends credence to one's claims

echoing elements of others' tallest tales
longing (though of course not showing it)
for the admiration of one's own
an acknowledgment that one is all alone
and still steadfast denial, rebuttal of the same

in subtle ironies missed too often
still plays, whole scenes, brief captions
formulating plans for local domination
of the world which is not everything
except for all that matters anyhow

apocrypha elucidates the simplest
clearest sign of life, la joie de vive
too powerful to bear aught but a wink
a nod
a shrug of the shoulders as the moment passes
esoteric and surreal but

all too common in our own and only world

Have a beauty day, eh.


  1. If Hall is the sidestreet, then yeppers. That's The Detroit Theater's marquis, at any rate. Last Xmas, I believe. Hmmm... 'Twas Xmas '05.

  2. Deeply, profoundly and so poetically said.

    Now, if I only knew what 'apocrypha' means...

  3. :))) Nava.

    #3 is how I'm using it here. People living by a bogus plan or basing their lives upon "facts" which have never been supported by observation, and doing so in order to proclaim their individuality even whilst cementing their place as part of the herd.

    And I felt it powerfully enough to write it out as such, well, because it's a part of me as well.

    Though I am so often workin' on gettin' over it, eh.


  4. Nice...very nice! Especially liked the fourth stanza.

    Not last Xmas I think, BTW. Must have been 2005. Wallace & Gromit was way more than a year ago.

  5. apocrypha is the ignorance my country loves to wallow in

  6. Thanks Frog. That was my favorite too cuz I think it is the chase, cut to.

    Raffi, Which explains teh Chimperor's presence in the White House, eh...

  7. Ain't too many to relate, AG. It was a good night though, so I thinkin' we're both to be seeing what's next.

    All's well, regardless, eh.


  8. 1. I'm glad it went well, the date. Tell her (him?) that we all think you rock!

    2. I love this post. I need to think some more about it though. You are really something. Bains. Always full of surprises.

  9. Thx Lynn. I please to aim. errr, umm... strike that. turn it around. ok. add a "sometimes".



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