Sunday, February 13, 2005

Compete And Cooperate

"13:27 Say: Lo! Allah sendeth whom He will astray, and guideth unto Himself all who turn (unto Him)"

See? As long as its understood that You believe in Allah and don't need Me to believe in Alla, I am totally cool with that. It's poetic. Has a fatherly embrace to it. I can see how Beautiful and Creative the mind that wrote it was. It phrases very nicely how our Fear a being lost from our Loved ones is utterly terrifying and needs a mantra to counter. "You can make a bad choice and forgive yourself & be forgiven."

Intellectually it needs a little salt though. How would this concept deal with a confrontation with an asteroid coming to the Earth? I mean, is it God's will if space debris the size of Alaska slams into Long Island, Istanbul, Antartica or Anywhere at that size...? Not only does a mantra or belief not explain it, it doesn't Prevent it either.

If the asteroid, tsunamic, volcanic explosion is Punishment as many Diologuists profess, than I believe Someone Else is being punished and I am, in US Military parlance, Collateral Damage. I KNOW I live My life well. I've got problems like anyone. I KNOW there is so much potential in this species of yours and mine. We can spread out and intermingle AND Understand each other's needs and abilities along the way. We are Young as a species when you consider how much longer it takes for a human to gestate and grow to maturity than it does any other animal within several weightclasses of us. 3-10 millions years really isn't That long for an intelligent species to evolve.

We'll get it. All of us.
Compete And Cooperate


Friday, February 11, 2005

Search for Intelligence

I've been working on several items I think could generate an exchange of ideas here. My financial worries have set my creative impulses back a bit unfortunately. Yet again. [sigh] I guess I'm still evolving as a person at much too slow a rate for my own self-esteem...

This link from is something I will expand upon at some point on this blog. It is commentary on the current state of the whole specious debate regarding Evolution -vs- Creationism. As if ...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

To Avoid Disappearing

Into a Gitmo Cell for any comments I am currently inclined to make regarding W-Nut's most recent State of the Union Address, I've decided to post a more Socially Concerned rant concerning Homosexuality.

Until Human Societies get through their reliance on their fears and respect for their superstitions and begin fully respecting the power and ability of Human Intelligence, Intolerance and unwarranted Hatred will continue to influence our Law Makers.

The only reason to fear or despise Homosexuality is that it doesn't lead to reproductive sex. That is an Empirical, Provable, and Demonstrable statement of a basic fact. When a species needs to propagate itself in order to survive, homosexuality becomes anathema or at least counter productive. This is a scientifically observable fact based on a more basic/primitive fact the Sex = Reproduction. SexUALITY is a naturally evolved trait that motivates individuals to engage in sex in order to reproduce. Almost all animals that have been studied have borne these facts out.

Social problems arise when our superstitions, which are usually based on unexplained phenomena or situations that were once true but no longer apply, refuse to give way to the intelligence that is the Primary Determining trait of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Animals behave in many ways that at some point or another hold value for them as a species. We Humans animals are able to discern when the value is gone or, worse, becomes a liability. We do this consciously as well as instinctually so that we can discontinue the harmful behavior AND replace it with more rational and efficacious behaviours.

At this point in our evolution, it is important for our species to acknowledge that we need to work on our Societal skills more that we need to continue expanding our population size. In developed countries, this reigning in of our reproduction is being achieved through the logical appreciation of the fact that our resources as individuals and families are limited. Therefore we constrain ourselves to smaller families. The fact that Homosexuality ASSISTS in limiting our population growth makes it, not only a naturally beneficial phenomena, but a good personal Choice for individuals to make regardless of their natural sexual orientation.

Obviously, I could go on and on! LOL! My point is simple though.

There is NO natural, Logical or even remotely Rational reason to Fear homosexuality. Anyone who chooses the use of their own intelligence to decide what is right for them and the Society in which WE live will Necessarily come to this conclusion. Only those who would base their decision on their own sense of Shame or their natural repugnance towards the idea of themselves having sex with someone of their own gender could find any reason to try and stymie the Constitutional and Natural rights and Liberties of persons to be who they are by either their Nature OR Choice.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

In Case There IS a Point

I've always been, Firmly, of the opinion that Humanity is a species worth saving. Whether that is from Ourselves or from Nature or Both, I think Homo Sapiens has an incredible amount of potential.

Our History, despite being as blighted as it is by Wars, Technnological Disasters (which are by definition, of human manufacture,) or our propensity for Inhumanity to our fellows, is also a Rich and Vibrant tale of Triumphs and Creativity. From the first uses of Cuneform writing to the invention of the Internet; from Hammurrabi's Code to The United Nations Charter; from cave paintings to Finding Nemo, individuals and groups of human animals have been robust, determined and profound in their creations. We are capable of actions both sublime and profane and, as ignorant as we still are to the mechanism of our life's origination on this planet (abiogenesis? - cometary biological dust?) we continue to search for reasons and means to make Life better.

But for whom?

The answer to this question is argued every day on blogs, in restaurants, at dinner around the table. Some say its for the "Greater Good." Like the level of water, we are all brought to the level of our Lowest Common element. This SEEMS to be the message of many religions. Others profess the Moral Supremacy of the Individual; afterall, they argue, what is the greatest driving force of our creativity but our desire to improve our OWN individual lot in life. If we form our Laws upon this premise, then we are All given a motivation to improve the species as a whole, one person at a time. Still others, and here is where I have a BIG problem, believe it is All for the glory of God.

Yes, God. That Unknowable, Ineffable, Inscrutable and Unspeakable Creator of All. Giving Praise and Glory to that Being, for it is frequently described and/or expressed as a Being from whose template we, homo sapiens, humanity, have been designed, is supposedly what the whole shebang of Life is for. It has been for It all along. In fact, IT is the Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and The End. From it we, supposedly came, and to it we will ultimately (IF we pass some crucial tests) go.

Because some of the earliest stories of our beginnings seem to include references to such a being or beings it appears belief in them/It has been with our species for quite a long time. Even primitive cultures often exhibit belief systems which suggest a trust in something Unifying and Supportive of themselves. It is by no means Universal, despite claims to the contrary by those who would contort any and all information to fit their ideas about our species.

So I wonder, by studying the God Phenomenon on Earth, it would be possible for a curious alien species who might happen upon us to view both the Best and the Worst we have brough into being since our arrival as a World Changing Force. For this post I'm curious to hear some examples of how either A) Our Best outweighs our Worst or B) Our Worst is so insufferable and unforgivable that an alien species with the power to visit and observe us would have little choice but to condemn us to the confines our tiny little world. Personally I think I'll argue for our freedom based on our Good God Deeds outweighing our Bad People are Punished by God escapades.

I'd prefer not to have this "alien" described as God. I think that would add an element of Supernatural Perfection to the observer that the aliens I have in mind would necessarily lack.

I totally hope there are some willing (and possible aspiring) writers out there who will be glad to take this idea up.