To Avoid Disappearing

Into a Gitmo Cell for any comments I am currently inclined to make regarding W-Nut's most recent State of the Union Address, I've decided to post a more Socially Concerned rant concerning Homosexuality.

Until Human Societies get through their reliance on their fears and respect for their superstitions and begin fully respecting the power and ability of Human Intelligence, Intolerance and unwarranted Hatred will continue to influence our Law Makers.

The only reason to fear or despise Homosexuality is that it doesn't lead to reproductive sex. That is an Empirical, Provable, and Demonstrable statement of a basic fact. When a species needs to propagate itself in order to survive, homosexuality becomes anathema or at least counter productive. This is a scientifically observable fact based on a more basic/primitive fact the Sex = Reproduction. SexUALITY is a naturally evolved trait that motivates individuals to engage in sex in order to reproduce. Almost all animals that have been studied have borne these facts out.

Social problems arise when our superstitions, which are usually based on unexplained phenomena or situations that were once true but no longer apply, refuse to give way to the intelligence that is the Primary Determining trait of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Animals behave in many ways that at some point or another hold value for them as a species. We Humans animals are able to discern when the value is gone or, worse, becomes a liability. We do this consciously as well as instinctually so that we can discontinue the harmful behavior AND replace it with more rational and efficacious behaviours.

At this point in our evolution, it is important for our species to acknowledge that we need to work on our Societal skills more that we need to continue expanding our population size. In developed countries, this reigning in of our reproduction is being achieved through the logical appreciation of the fact that our resources as individuals and families are limited. Therefore we constrain ourselves to smaller families. The fact that Homosexuality ASSISTS in limiting our population growth makes it, not only a naturally beneficial phenomena, but a good personal Choice for individuals to make regardless of their natural sexual orientation.

Obviously, I could go on and on! LOL! My point is simple though.

There is NO natural, Logical or even remotely Rational reason to Fear homosexuality. Anyone who chooses the use of their own intelligence to decide what is right for them and the Society in which WE live will Necessarily come to this conclusion. Only those who would base their decision on their own sense of Shame or their natural repugnance towards the idea of themselves having sex with someone of their own gender could find any reason to try and stymie the Constitutional and Natural rights and Liberties of persons to be who they are by either their Nature OR Choice.


  1. I find that I cannot agree with this post.

    How could you call us Homo sapiens sapiens?
    After all, everyone knows it's just Homo sapiens!

  2. And then there's Bruce Bahemihl's Biological Exhuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity: 700 pages of documented homosexual and bisexual behaviour throughout the animal kingdom.

    There goes the "it's against nature" argument.

  3. For those of y'uns who couldn't fig're out that ocmpoma was a jestin'...

    Homo Sapiens Sapiens:

  4. Yes, yes, joking of course.

    Ever hear of Wikispecies?

    Humourously, if you enter Homo sapiens sapiens in the seach field, it lists it as a subspecies of regular Homo s.That's right, us smart folk are a new-and-improved subspecies, soon to out-evolve regular, humans!


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