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maybe more later. in the meantime I'm a bit . .

Jack Black Jesus Makes Sense

Caution, Disdain and Hope

Free At LAST!!!

To Each Their Own

Things That Make You Say . .

A Woolen Time

October 31- Trick-or-Treat, Halloween, Reformation Day...

I Equivocally Agree


McSame as the Old Boss

McCain's Tax Plan: "Now, that's crazy."

American Exceptionalism

X-cellence in Orbit!

Politics as Unusual?

But Thinking is Hard!

Things to THINK About

Cat Blogging by Proxy

Not Just a River in Egypt

Republic of Petty Politics

Read. Think. Vote.

Integral Integrations

The Answer is, As Always, 42

Wow! It's True

For America

Bye Bye Bernie Mac :-(

Our Decision

Shiny Happy People Holding Shit

Balance Whack

Scouts (dis)Honor

Picking Up The Pace?

(No) Sane Claim

Alternative Reality Sources???

Quote of the Year; So Far . .

When "McSame" is an Accurate Appelation


Philosolophically Speaking...

Warm Swarm of Advertising

In This Together?

Shiny Happy Spaceships

You Stick Your Right Foot Out . .


What Was Lost Shall Be Found

.. and I can't it get it outta my head.

No Pill's Gonna Cure This Ill

Two Haiku

Me fo' Mo!

Is (just about) All I'm Sayin'...

No Matter What Is Said . .

Everyone Has Hopes to Dash

No.. I don't think it does.