October 31- Trick-or-Treat, Halloween, Reformation Day...

Heh... Religion, by any other name, is still little more than cheap tricks and "self-deception". So, 500 years after Martin Luther posted a proto-blog on the doors of a Catholic Church, what's new?

Hint; it's got to do with tourism. {rollin'eyes'n'grinning} ;)


  1. He nailed feces to the door didn't he?

  2. All the "'theisms" are hokum in my opinion. (And now I'll slink off to bemoan my outcast state. ;-) )

  3. Hi Michaelbains! Halloween around here was pretty darn quiet, tourism or not. I miss the Halloween from the old days, which I participated in gleefully until I sorta grew up at around 34.

    But hey. Halloween is so YESTERDAY. How about that OBAMA?! The times ahead are gonna be rough, but oh, are they gonna be good for America. And me. And you.

    I'm looking for your smile, friend, and hoping all is well in your world. Come say hi.


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