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No Cats Were Collateralized in the Creation of this Post

It's True Of Course

McCain for President!

a hundred stories

note to self:

I'm Not Paying For That

Of Course They're Investigating

come together

No Nuns Were Defoliated In The Making Of This Post

What Are You Reading . .

Chimperialist Essence

And then there was one [1]

across a sea of u5 & tu8e5

Quote of the Day: Testify!

Brief Reprise: If Wishes Were Fishes . .

Is it purple yet?

Who Knew?!

Through the Sky Above Me

A Dog's Life


Smells Like Turd Spirit

"I'm Ann Coulter. Call Me."

mmm mmmm! Twisted Tube & SPAM!

For a friend . .

My Vice Is Killing Me

Punked by the "Hider" and "Teh Seeker"

No More Excuses

You're Next Shooter!

King George Lionheart

Teh Gasifier

2, 3, 7, 8, 9 and 10


Just Tryin' To Keep It Simple

"Hee Hee"

Things that (Should) make you say "Duh!"

C'est la vie?