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Sometimes I just like to let an Editorial speak for itself. Usually that means one from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Editorial Board.

Kitties to follow...

Iraq War: Blogging 'progress'

Every so often, it becomes clear just how little credit a country's government gives its population.

And then there's President Bush's Wednesday speech to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. El Presidente broached the subject of the war in Iraq, and how things are going quite well there, really. Straight from the transcript: "I want to share with you how two Iraqi bloggers -- they have bloggers in Baghdad, just like we've got here -- (laughter) -- 'Displaced families are returning home, marketplaces are seeing more activity ... We hope the governments of Baghdad and America do not lose their resolve.' "

So if two anonymous bloggers in Baghdad (who, it seems, we should be surprised even exist) say the city is safer, then that must be the case.

But it gets better. Later the same day, a White House deputy press secretary deflected questions on the identity of the bloggers, diminishing their importance by referring to their blog as one of "many different inputs," adding that, "Blogs are new for all of us." No, they're not, and neither are Iraqi bloggers -- does anyone remember Salam Pax?

And -- even better yet! -- The New York Times reported Thursday that the two unnamed bloggers Bush quoted are brothers -- both dentists -- who met with the president in the Oval Office on Dec. 9, 2004. They do know that people can look things up on this crazy new thing called the Internet, right?

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These two are more of mi amiga, Pookie from last Sunday morning.

Thanks Goodness It's Freakin' Friday!


  1. Here's a a little more on just what's going on at the Fish and Wildlife service .... Click Here

  2. I guess I haven't been around enough lately. What type of cat is Pookie? I love those tiger stripes.

  3. Pookie poked with a finger. Love the curious sniff.

  4. Ahhh.. 'Sgood to see Bu$hCo's operatives are incompetently arousing ire where ever they show up. Umm... I can't WAIT for this Freak-Show to be over.. Thx Bob.

    Not sure what she be, Kevin, but she sure does have some long hair and loves it brushed with a little wire-thingy.

    She never touched her food while I was over to feed/entertain her for the week. She'd just come a purring and looking for scritchin'. Of course the foodbowl was always empty when I arrived, even though I'd filled it up each time and visited every other day.

    Really is one of the mellowest/friendliest wee kitties I've ever met. And I grew up with all kinds of critters runnin' 'bout the house.

  5. OMG... you're Pookie looks so much like my Katie it's spooky!!!!

  6. Nice to know that if a blogger writes something, it's considered to be factual. I've never felt so powerful.

    Sweeet kitties!

    Our cats never sold anyone on eBay, but one of them bought a movie ticket once.

  7. Oh, I love the stripey one in the last picture. Can I have him? :)

  8. Then yer Katie is adorable! I love how her eyes are the same color as her coat.

    I wonder if there's a dormant gene that goes off in those tiger clones, maybe from a mutant batch of 9 Lives, and sweet li'l kitty turns into the real deal? Or maybe it gets triggered by lager? '-}

    What movie did your cat see, Blueberry? Dr. Doolittle maybe?


  9. These are real. Cool. Photos!!

  10. The one in the orange bed looks so comfortable.

  11. Awww...

    Yeah, so was the Shrub referencing IraqTheModel?

  12. I loves teh Pookie so the pics came easily. Erhum or something.

    Doesn't it, Sumo? Like it has no problem with the camera catchin' her in all her sedate glory.

    S'cat is terrible, Bob. t as in texas terrible. ;-} Musta had catnip in the his socks...

    Not knowin', Teh. The last I heard him talk, it was calling out activist legislators to quit holding political hostages. Or something equally banal and beside the whole point that he's a murderous sociopath who really needs to be checked into a clinic for the whole planet's sake.

    But we'll probably get over it sans any rise of the machines type scenarios.

    Sweet new look ya got there, btw. Star Trek? Very Nice.. .)

  13. I'm real picky about which cats are pretty and which are not. You have two beautiful cats! :)


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