It's True Of Course

Though I'm thinking mi hermanos ain't gonna be lacking habitat varieties.

And it certainly ain't keeping some people from goin' with the flow.

Ya know?


  1. Ditto...and loved the toon!

  2. I never really wanted a pet lizard, but wouldn't mind having a few as neighbors outback if I lived in a desert.

    That around San Antonio or out near Lake Meade are the only deserts I've got to meet. Both were awesome.

    I wonder if any of 'em can play drums... {-;

  3. Lewis Black had a really good routine about business and government during the Bush years. He said that of course, they've always been in cahoots, but tried to keep things more hidden. Now they're like two dogs stuck together, humping away and not even caring if anyone's watching.

    Great cartoon.

  4. People in more temperate areas might not mind the lizards as much as some of the other things moving further north... like fire ants and killer bees... and longer life span for mosquitoes that spread diseases.

    We're all going to be bakin' on rocks like those lizards before long.

  5. Adorable GirlfriendMarch 29, 2007 6:58 PM

    I love lizards, but hate anyone who is a global warming denier. AG would be looking at Republicans and idiots (often one in the same).

  6. I'm sure Brent Bozell has something terribly important to say about this...

  7. MB, you need to come back over to my blog and tell me what you were talking about!



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