Punked by the "Hider" and "Teh Seeker"

Maz Jobrani on President Bush and Osama

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  1. Funnnnniiiiieee! Thanks. Way to start Saturday - Good morning chuckle, instead of Good morning, Chuckles. I imagine that is how Laura greets George, the Clown Chuckles.

  2. It's funny 'cause it's true.

    And sad for the same reason.

  3. Everytime he's on TV, I'm like -- He's not the President! Someone's pulling our leg!"

    God, I feel like that every single time I see that joker on TV!

    And when the news person refers to him as "The President" -- I yell at the TV: I still can't believe it! Someone wake me up!

    Funny video, MB.

  4. de nada my merry friend Mary. :) But I know of 1 Chuckles in D.C. who's prolly hopin' she calls her hubby something else. {-;

    Ditto, Brando. Dig it man. {sigh}

    BG! Hey now and howdy G! I was totally glad to read that you an' the Skimmer's business is Booming.

    And thanks for the idea for my next post.



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