This is my radio at home. Pandora, with Future Shock, Digweed and Sasha Radio stations. Not bad, but needs subscribers to keep the interface evolving. All the adds are on screen, so no crap-overs of the music. And it's easy to skip to the next song temporarily or even permanently but you can't skip backward. That sucks. How can you skip forward and not be allowed to skip backward?

I know from some of the mixes that there're other styles. Metal. Jazz (David Gilmore, Protean Way on Sasha Radio as I type.) The interface is a good idea.



  1. I love Pandora - my Sublime station is always a good listen.

  2. They have to license all the music they play. The license doesn't allow skipping backward (replaying a song), or even notifying you in advance of what's up next. Why? Because if you could do that, you could record the songs you wanted. For free. And we can't have that, can we? The system actually has a limit on how often per hour you can skip forward, and if you exceed it you'll get a warning. That said, I really like Pandora, and I'm pissed off that my company started blocking it last week. Apparently they'd rather have me working and going insane in gray silence rather than burn a little bandwidth on some pleasant background music.

  3. On my Digweed station, they throw in some Metal and I'm gettin' a blast from the past right now. Some "Iron Maiden Tribute Band" (that's all it says!) remade "Run To The Hills" and its not freakin' bad.

    I can't get any MP3s thru work's firewall, Larry. Good thing I've a stocked iTunes folder on that PC. Too bad I don't get more time to listen to it. Really think I need to get me a nice wee MP3 player.

    Oh yah, I had that happen once so far where Pandora told me I'd skipped forward enough all ready. I was like, wha.. huh?! lol! Then I remembered that it's free and dealt with it by checking the "Thumbs Down" icon and the style reverted.

  4. Oh I forgot about Pandora!!! That's the last box I need to open up, eh?! I can't do tunes at work right now, but that's probably a good thing....spending the day unable to indulge the urge to pick would be downright purgatorial. And, my coworkers, as much as they love me, would kill me.

  5. No time right now, but this looks cool. Gonna check it out a little later this evening.

  6. I listen all the time on the weekends. Chemical Bros station is good. I used to listen to Sasha and Digweed all the time, more partial to Danny Tenaglia though.

  7. ... That's the last box I need to open up, eh?!

    LOL! ba-dump *splash*!!!

    Is a very cool way to find new tunes w/o having to put up with a DJ spewing Ads and Infortainment over the tracks, Kvatch. I forgot to mention that you can search by song or artist name for new stuff, as well. Sehr cool!

    Danny T, eh F? I'll look 'im up this aft'. Thx Paul van Dijk is also seriously cool for his trance beats. Kind of a proto-Sasha w/ more of a mainstream groove.

  8. I like live365.com, I pay $5 per month to keep it ad-free and get more stations, and beyond that it's just user-created radio stations so that's the whole agenda. Obviously it's not copyright-perfect with a set up like that, but you never know what you can find on there. Only limited by the station owner's creativity in making a playlist.


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