Who Knew?!

Well, I mean, other than everybody?
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Ned Lamont

Last week, days before the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, a group of us met with Hans Blix, the former top UN weapons inspector. He reminded us that not only did the UN have hundreds of weapons inspectors on the ground in Iraq before the invasion, but that he had ready access to all of the Iraqi sites which US intel had targeted for inspection. He reminded us that weapons inspectors had already checked out some of the locations which Colin Powell would later refer to in his UN Security Council testimony, and had found no evidence of WMD. And he reminded us that, while weapons inspectors were not yet ready to stipulate whether or not Iraq still had WMD at the time of the invasion, he believed that another two months would have allowed them to make that determination.
So now it's time for Consequences and, apparently, there just aren't enough residual DemoHawks ready to morph into Doves in anything but empty words.

Maybe Lamont's victory would have made a difference in this first 60+ days. Maybe it wouldn't have been enough. Regardless, I'm sure we're gonna deserve the President we get next if we let up on demands for accountability and change vis-a-vie the continuing carnage and uncivil chaos permeating the Middle East.

Four years, hundreds of billions of dollars, and tens of thousands of dead and wounded later - with the Middle East less stable and America less secure - the invasion and subsequent occupation have proven to be a colossal foreign policy blunder for our country, with no end in sight.

Newt's Rethuglicans had their Contract on America. The results are oh so obviously not what they suggested was intended...

What kind of contract - if any - are the Dems gonna sign?

And for whose interests?

I just can't tell yet...


  1. If they only knew that just speaking the truth would do. This constant posturing and calculating is such a waste of our time and money and lives.

  2. They ain't signing sh!t, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are activly suppressing the anti-war movement because it is politically inconvient to them to have citizens calling for results instead of words...

  3. There will never be peace on earth. Someday we'll stop this war, but the damage is brutally, irrevocably done, and the stage is already set for the next one. We are an angry, fearful species -- plus, as you know, God wants us to kill in his name. All we can do is give our love to whomever we can find, one silly human at a time.

  4. I've felt for a long time thatthere's no difference between the two parties and the way we would switch colored shirts during gym class,,, might as well toss a coin.


  5. I'm surprised "impeachment" is spoken about less and less on the hill. ; (

    If there ever was a poster child for it, gw is, by a long shot!

    Worse, worser, worsest......; (

  6. I know I still spend too much time wishin' for political unlikelihoods; ie, miracles.

    But I can't stop hoping for peace on Earth.
    amongst other things.

  7. Nothing wrong in that pursuit at all...it just happens to be very frustrating when one doesn't achieve ones objective. It tends to get depressing. Especially when seen through the eyes of a kind hearted human that believes other humans should be treated with love and respect.

  8. Sumo and Frederick: Great work on the new Sumo Merriment front-end!!!

    And this next post needs thansgiven to you, Sumo. Ya Li'l Red Corvette, you!



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