Of Course They're Investigating

This makes sense,

NYC City Police Spied Broadly Before GOP Convention
by Jim Dwyer

They made friends, shared meals, swapped e-mail messages and then filed daily reports with the department’s Intelligence Division. Other investigators mined Internet sites and chat rooms.


In at least some cases, intelligence on what appeared to be lawful activity was shared with police departments in other cities. A police report on an organization of artists called Bands Against Bush noted that the group was planning concerts on Oct. 11, 2003, in New York, Washington, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston. Between musical sets, the report said, there would be political speeches and videos.

“Activists are showing a well-organized network made up of anti-Bush sentiment; the mixing of music and political rhetoric indicates sophisticated organizing skills with a specific agenda,” said the report, dated Oct. 9, 2003. “Police departments in above listed areas have been contacted regarding this event.”
because of this . .
From these operations, run by the department’s “R.N.C. Intelligence Squad,” the police identified a handful of groups and individuals who expressed interest in creating havoc during the convention, as well as some who used Web sites to urge or predict violence.
[NYPD's Finest]
. . which is all well and good as long as going further requires/demands a warrant.

No 1 0ff decision by a single justice approves all related incidents going forward, either. It's gotta be signed by at least half the F.I.S.A judges within the proscribed 72 hours.

It would be nice to have just one member of the House of Reps required to sign too. A specific critter representing the House Security Committee who knows everything the F.I.F.A court and Homeland {shudder} Security know but won't tell to Congress. The only way that person changes is if they aren't re-elected.

And the only time that person shares any Classified information is when he issues a subpoena to his governmental co-workers for criminal activity.


  1. This sure smacks of a fascist regime, or better put - we all knew Bush was implementing a fascist regime and here's the proof.

  2. I blogged on this as well, but I think that this whole NYPD issue is much simpler than an administration plot. They're trying to quash the unsealing of their files for one reason, and one reason only: To keep hundreds of potential litigants from filing their own lawsuits.


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