note to self:

Remember, there are two hands for every incident, every instant, every thought and every act: the one you see, and the one facing the clock.

{flick} . .

Then you gotta stop thinkin' about it.



  1. Except for the cat, he/she has 4. That your cat? Beautiful.

  2. LOL

    That's Pookie. I just looked after her for about a week. I don't want any pets, but I wouldn't mind if she were mine cuz she's about as cool a cat as I've ever known.

    Just blowin' smoke, Nava. Reminding m'self of something, then lettin' it go.

    Or trying to..

  3. I'm with Nava! I am having a slow mornin....trying to figure out that hand thing. This is probably best left to my cranially superior son, methinks....

    Hope you are well!


  4. Still can't figure the hand thingy out. Hey, even The JohnnyB, in his good ol' smoking days, did not blow so much smoke...

    (-) Utterly frustrated.


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