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House passes bill giving troop withdrawal timeline

"The Democrats have sent their message," (the Chimperor) said. "Now it is time to send their money."
Well, it is the only thing he has ever cared about as President, and before that as far as I've read.

I've generally (ad nauseum?) suggested they send him a Summons instead. That he's earned on his own, umm, merits.

Is a decent approach. Not quite pointless. I'm sort of glad they raised it for a vote.



  1. The truly interesting part is going to come when he vetoes the bill. Personally, I'd like to see the Democrats just sit on it and say: "Fine. So where you gonna get the money now, asshole?" 'Course it would be a PR disaster for the Dems, and Bush is counting on that.

  2. Yah. It's not exactly a Budget Standoff, is it? This is about a disastrously failed foreign policy. Deaths in the tens or even hundreds of thousands and our military still sees no way to define victory against multiple enemies; often including our "allies".

    Holding their ground, short-term political success be chucked, would really work out best for Dems in the long run.

  3. Was a little sad, really. In the office, we're always reading the news to each other. (I am spoiled; I like working someplace where I don't have to hide my opinion!) At one point B said, "If he vetoes that..." and we all said, "Well, so what if he does? He has nothing to lose."

    And it's true.

    He doesn't.

    Bastard. Whiny little bastard.

    Even his parents are too good for that boy.

  4. He got Bitch Slapped for the first time and look at the drama with his hand selected "posers" behind him.

    Let's hope it's only the beginning.

    Logically, since the troops have not had the right gear from when rumsfeld said" you get what you get, not what you want" or something like that, he's really the reason the troops are in the condition they are in, not solely the dems fault.

    What irony! ; (


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