Colorful Character, Ain't He

Remember Jesse "the Body" Ventura gaining the governorship of Minnessota? As if we could forget.
I don't think this Texan has Jessie's odds, but it sure is int'restin' to consider what might happen in "The Republic" if he does get in.

Whatchya be thinkin' 'bout Kinky mi Texan amigos y 'migas?

Hat be tipped to mi amigo Jackman, a
Quasipseudo euroamerican (whiteboy) muslim livin' deep in the heart of swelterin' Houston, TX.


  1. Since I'm from Texas, I've been checking him out. He's a weird mixture of conservative, liberal and irreverent. I like the irreverent part best. His stance on women's issues is cloudy, seems Ok on the environment, and has a quirky idea to pay off Mexican generals to keep the undocumented workers on the other side of the border. Other than that, he's a typical freakocrat who doesn't stand a chance of being elected agains tthe Rick perry Repub machine. But Willy is promotinh him, ans the gloves are off....go check out his website!

  2. He sure would be better than Perry! But like one of Kinky's campaign slogans says, "How hard can it be?" Kinky is a cool guy and a fine Texan, that's for sure (how many people have their own action figure... under their own name?). I don't agree with him on several issues, about half and half, but at least he has stated his views and they are out in the open. Besides, it's unlikely that I'm going to really agree with any of them 100%. Bottom line, I will probably vote Democrat, even though the Dem has been practically invisible. I would probably vote for Kinky if he pulled way ahead of the Dem and became the strongest of the contenders. Right now the not-Perrys are dead even I think...

    ...meaning Perry will win. I want it to be "not-Perry" and that describes my ideal candidate for now since it's all I can hope for and I won't be getting my wish. That's not going to keep me away from the polls though.

  3. The page is down. :( I'll google him later.

  4. IMHO, you can't go wrong with guy who's slogan is, "Kinky! Why the hell not?" And speaking of...I've heard The Texas Jewboys play, and they're a lot of fun.

  5. I know he's in favor of gay marriage. He says that gays have just as much right to miserable as the rest of us. :)

  6. Hhmmm... Gotsta Google the Texas Jewboys now.

  7. On Kinkajou records! That's some good road housin' there, y'all!

    Thanks for the tip as I somehow missed that he was in a band reading the poli site, Kvatch.

  8. all i know w/ kinky in it and another independent "one tough grandma" (carol keaton straighhorn) it's going to be a whole lot of fun in texas.

    --RC of

  9. He's for gay marraige, and for leaving the Ten Commandments on Courthouse property, because "you gotta believe in something"... so pretty back and forth on the issues, like Glenda said, a mixture of conservative, liberal and irreverent. He's supported the Repubs before, but he truly seems to be an independant rather than a party-hopper. (he's more the fun type of party-hopper). My favorite thing about him is that he runs a no-kill animal shelter/ranch/ thingy. My kind of guy there.


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