Canadian Clarity

And from a cartoonist at that.

But Trudeau has always been one to frame the world more realistically than your average politician.

Go ahead and click the 'toon to read the rest. Though it's not like you can't guess Dub's response...


  1. Doesn't he know? Politicians can't think in terms of anything except false dilemmas. Haven't you ever heard of the two-party system?

  2. gary trudeau- could not have stated my case any better than he did. perfect. it is too bad we have a two party system- that is how we got into this mess in the first place. most civilized nations have coalition governments- and we have done away with making it easy for more parties to run. we used to have third and more party candidates.

  3. I hear ya both on the 2 Party crapola.

    I think someone got to Perot back in the day. Whatever kind o' President he would've made, I really think he had a legitimate shot at the office; right up until the point that he dropped out temporarily.


    That's one of the few Conspiracy Theories to which I give any serious credence. But we'll never know, not even if he comes out says that happened, eh. {shakin'head}

  4. Bush's handlers would never let him actually ANSWER a reporter's question that succinctly. He'd probably say something accusatory about the guy supporting terrorists.

  5. Oh, Gary Trudeau is amazing.
    He's been outspoken against war since Viet Nam.

  6. excellent post...Gary rocks....

  7. Pretty much sums it up and if he were asked that question in private I'm pretty sure that would be his answer.

  8. Michael I am loving the blog more all the time. All of the important commentary you do and now all the fun stuff too. What a package.

  9. oh i wish it had been a different answer. lol like a c. none of the above and then something so incredibly ridiculous we all laugh hysterically.

    Instead it's kind of left with that oh no that is true!

    However, trudeau IS awesome.

    And have you finally been able to move in? Or are the big guys still afraid of the big guy sweats from the heat?

  10. Probably find some skeletons in the reporter's closet to shut down his carreer, eh Jay.

    Thanks to all y'all! And I am ALWAYS lovin' comments like that one Tonya! lol! You rock amiga!

    I got mostly moved in VB. The only guys there were Jim, my former roommate/landlord and - WooHoo! - my nephew, Sheep Dog. My MOM and oldest sister showed and were invaluable!

    Truth is, I pooped out cuz of the heat, so need one more trip for Jim and I to get the last of it. It's hot as last week right now though, so I may just wait a couple days. Gotta see how Jim feels.

    (Thanks G Trudeau. I loves lotsa comments. {-; )


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