Project Implicit: Gun Laws Preference

This one didn't
really surprise me, but it is kind of misleading. Gun Rights, like every other type, require Gun Control. How we end up instituting those controls is where it starts to get fuzzy.

The US Constitution makes it clear that we've got to work hard to maintain our rights, and it gives an excellent frame on which we can continue fine-tuning our society. Gun Rights are one means of preventing our Leaders from going too far "for our safety and protection."

Wiretaps and Tax Breaks for the most wealthy amongst us are for Whose
safety and protection, Georgie???

Liberty and Justice for All.

Good stuff has its bad side, eh.


  1. The control is about general citizens having semi automatics and Pulp Fiction kind of stuff like that.

  2. I dunno, in these times, shouldn't we all be armd to the teeth?

    "When they kick at your front door,
    how you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head,
    or on the trigger of your gun?" The Clash - Guns of Brixton

  3. I am becoming more convinced that we should let the individual own as many guns as they want.

    Personal ownership of nukes and missles etc, would be going to far in my opinion.

    And if there is concern about the individual owning such things, shouldn't there be the same concern if corporations or governments own them?

  4. I tend to think that we simply need to pay our Police more; give them more vacation and such, and make serious Rehabilitation Efforts in place of our current prison systems.

    Folks are gonna get whacked regardless. We need to take better care of those who are caught and doing the catching in order to prevent the real problems.

    Even if the idea of an average citizen owning an Uzi IS utterly rediculous to my way of thinking. If they use it whilst breaking the law, they should automatically be charged with attempted murder. Only a legitimate self-defense plea would get them off of that charge.

    (and "self-defense" against other gangsters does NOT count!)

  5. Yeah, beep, I hear ya, and there really ought to be an objective measure of what constitutes "too far". Not likely to come from politicos, so I say anything goes. Can I get a ballista? I've always wanted one!

    Michael, I think you hit upon one of the aspects of a free society. A free society is not a safe society per se, I even think that safety and freedom are inversely proportional. Yes, in a free society, you are going to see things, hear things that you don't agree with. Tough titty. As long as you realize your freedom to swing your fist ends at my nose, we'll get along.

  6. i think the fact that the US has an insanely high incarceration rate(the highest in the world by a hop, step and 2 jumps) merits public discussion as much as teh g4yz or the next missing .

    please be to read the discussion below that linked thread, it is very interesting

  7. People of bad intentions and immoral character are running the country. They aren’t just misguided or wrong, they are intentionally doing bad things….criminals….they are eroding our rights at their convenience. We don’t really know why. We are even told it is dangerous to ask….

    Arm yourselves and hope you don’t need your weapons.

  8. Great linkage to Crooked Timber, AIF. As often happens with die-hard Libertarians in this country, some of those commenters have some - IMO - bizarre ideas as to what constitutes "rights".

    But I think that even they are essentially on track when it comes to the purpose of government being simply keep the playing field "clean" for the mass of individuals in this game of life.

    RAmen, Steve!


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