Are You Confused? I'm Not Confused. Are You Confused?

I don't really see anything all that confusing about this development.

Is the Earth the same kind of satellite as Neptune?

Is Venus the same as Jupiter?


Ok. Then
why are they all called planets? No big deal. I think it's cool that the scientific community has finally decided to do something about satellitic nomeclatura.

Talk about bias though. I dig the toon enough to post it, but my immediate reaction was to get defensive about it's jab at "science". It struck me as being written by some cynical cat who's lacking an understanding of the situation, and just thinks kids should be given the simplest possible explanations available.

The more answers we get, the more questions we have, so that
always gets harder, even as we get better at figurin' it out.



Totally shiftin' gears...

My bro just called with an invite to the Browns -v- Lions preseason matchup down at Cleveland Stadium!

FOOTBALL! You Bet!!!1!1!!

Have a groovin' evenin' folks. I know I will.


  1. Go Brownies...

    See, I am "reaching across the isle"

  2. LOL! It's cool, Steve. You're "allowed" when they're not playin' the Burgers, and especially when it's not even a real game!

    Funny thing is, I thought 'bout you when posting on both parts. I was hopin' you and Lady Bird might appreciate how difficult it is adjusting to new ideas which WILL get taught in your classrooms, and think you understand the pros and cons better than most.

    Anyhow, RAWF RAWF RAWF! Go Browns!


  3. The more answers we get, the more questions we have, so that it always gets harder, even as we get better at figurin' it out.

    Damn you, science!

  4. Why do cartoonists always leave Ceres out?

  5. R u cereus???

    (Sorry Babbler, that's all I got.. .)

  6. I give the rabid right wing fundies 10 days to come up with their bibilical version of events - planets, not football. There is no explanation for football.

  7. Oh you know they will Mary.

    I liked the cartoon. I think it's ragging on us old kids who remember this:

    My Very Earth Month Just Sold Us New Pants.

  8. uhhh... Who sold what to whom, AG? lol!!!

    I have no idea what meme we were taught for the planets. I always pictured 'em lining up from Sol to outer space, which may be why I still get Saturn 'n' Jupiter misplaced in my head, even though I've no problem recalling that the main asteroid belt lies between rocky, earthlike Mars, and the Gas Giants.

    Mary, Football is Chess with hair and scars and blood on it. It's blood-thirsty competition where no one gets killed but, unlike detached and aristocratically inhumane Chess, intellect, emotion, physical ability and personal phyiscal consequences are all needed to win.

    American Football should be used in place of War to solve the world's chauvinistically iolent conflicts. That way folks will still get the emminently human visceral satisfaction of beating the living crap out of their "enemies", without the unacceptable consequences of ending each others' lives.

    It truly takes all kinds to make it work. From the wimpiest kicker, to the most cerebral Quarterback; from the most decisive and speedy running back to the most brutal and intuitive linebacker, Football encourages cooperation and teamwork and demands focus and understanding. It requires both preparedness and instinct, and often hinges upon the wims and wisdom of the Rule Makers and Arbiters; both of whom have the Finally Say and brook no argument from the combatants.

    Football, in my most humble and educated though biased opinion, is Teh Ultimate Sport.

    vivre le Football
    vivre le Humanity

    (That wasn't over the top, now was it? {-; )

    OK, SpongeBob's on. Gotta run...

  9. Yea, we should not let our opinions or nostalgia get in the way of scientific expansion of ideas.

  10. I think the general public is saying something like, "I thought we were through learning about the solar system" They are too lazy to want to know more.

    Football? Cowboys!

  11. if global warming has it's say(you watched 'the day after tomorrow", didnt you?)

    those kuiper thingamabobs are gonna look mighty inviting. better get our children learnding now.

  12. PS: if it's war you want, check out cricket.

    bucnha guys throwing hard red balls at each other for 5 days? doesnt get more metaphorical than that

  13. RAmen, Glenda!

    The Cowboys??? Hhmmm... Ok. I was a reluctant fan of both Roger Staubach, in the day, and Emmit Smith, but Troy boy was SO overrated and lucky for teh talent around him; includin' the inimitable Michael Irvin! I hated that guy when he played, but absolutely love him as an anouncer/analyst! What a happy-go-luck trip!

    those kuiper thingamabobs are gonna look mighty inviting...

    Dude! That is so totally True! There is SO MUCH MORE iron and other resources out there than has ever existed in the beautiful surface of the Earth. Here's hopin' we get out there because we want to, though; not just because we've destroyed the home-world!

    Cricket, baseball, futball (soccer), basketball, even rugby, track 'n' field... All great sports, but none is as complete a package as Football.

    I really think I am going to do a comparison study someday. It'll show how Football has characteristics shared to some extent by any other sport or competition, but incorporates All Of Them to a degree which is achieved by no other sport to yet be invented.

    I'm not saying everyone should like it. I'm just saying that Football is empirically the most complete atheletic competition in the History of our species.

    That's all.



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