Who Art Thou?

Thanks again to Aif for one worth takin'.

This one actually appears more precise - believe it or not - than some of the personality profiles I've taken.

our distinct personality, The Dreamer-Minstrel might be found in most of the thriving kingdoms of the time. You can always see the "Silver Lining" to every dark and dreary cloud. Look at the bright side is your motto and understanding why everything happens for the best is your goal. You are the positive optimist of the world who provides the hope for all humankind. There is nothing so terrible that you can not find some good within it. On the positive side, you are spontaneous, charismatic, idealistic and empathic. On the negative side, you may be a sentimental dreamer who is emotionally impractical. Interestingly, your preference is just as applicable in today's corporate kingdoms.


  1. It said I was a discoverer. Some of it fit me but I think most didn't. Was fun taking it though.

  2. word.

    being a black night is pretty awesome :)

  3. Dig it, POP. It's all 'bout the fun with this stuff. We do almost enough serious posts to make cuttin' loose with goofiness essential.

    AIF, I meant to ask (but yer comments were broken [fixed now! excellent!]) It doesn't bother you when someone says shrubbery, does it?

    Oh, wait. Those are the Knights who say Kni...

    But have ya ever threatened to bite someone's legs off?


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