Finding Balance . . . Again

What's the meaning of Life?

Well, my map on that is pretty indecipherable to me at times. It seems that I ricochet from merely wanting all the pleasures of the flesh which provide immediate satisfaction, to desiring a fuller understanding of what I can do to make easier or at least more enjoyable, the lives of those around me.

Apropos of the quote above, I don't want to miss out on the elation I've sometimes felt, but neither do I want to be so utterly constrained from personal progress by the fears birthed by my natural desires.

have been both the best and the worst which I can be, and also the most mediocre. In the land of Peaks and Valleys, my path to date has seen more valleys clinging than peaks sublime. Both of my excursions into the lands of the fruited plains have resulted in my becoming part of teh run-off, so that's not such an attractive option either.

Many wise folk have said, "
if the choice is between real or effective, then one would do best by themselves to choose effective."

My goal is to do both, and I need to get some more help to that end. I won't give up; no matter how tempting that so often is.

I know how lucky I am just to have this opportunity at experiencing existence in the first place.


  1. You're a brave man, Michael. It takes the greatest of courage to approach oneself with any change in mind. I do wonder about effective as any of us can be effectively cruel or effectively arrogant. I think my question to myself would be effective of what? You will do well.

  2. I have been both the best and the worst which I can be, and also the most mediocre.

    True words, my friend -- for us all.

    Really nice post.

    Good luck -- and I'd add...and *God Speed* -- but that doesn't seem to be a phrase that would be up your alley!


  3. You're both wonderful and I thank you very much!

    Good point as to "effective of what", Mary. For me, it's gotta start with gaining self-respect, then confidance and self-motivation. I do, but I don't. I do, but I don't. That way lies madness, eh... I've had enough of that in my life. Gotta work more on healthy selfishness, without becoming a self-centered bastardo.

    Incongruous as it seems, I love that phrase BG! Merci beau coup, you. {-;

  4. I hear you. Best of luck as you explore these issue (and let me know when you've got it all figured out, will ya?)


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