Clueless George

A couple o' weeks ago I posted a longish advertisement which was going to (and did) run in the NYTimes.

Last night's Common Dreams ran a follow up by
Joyce Marcel who hits upon just how ignorant of the consequences of his "leadership" George W Bush really is.

'Tis well worth the read . . .

Stop for the Sake of Stopping

I couldn't believe it when George Bush, talking about Israel's attack on Lebanon, said he was against "stopping for the sake of stopping."

Is he mad? How can stopping for the sake of stopping be wrong? How about stopping because people are being killed over there, George? How about stopping because one less dead person, one less dead child blown to bits, one less dead Israeli soldier or dead Hezbollah guerrilla fighter or dead anybody is better than continuing with this brutal insanity?

We live in a scary world led by madmen and fanatics, and I don't mean only in the Middle East. The British writer George Monbiot recently called Bush the "King of Fairyland" who, if he tried to put the brakes on Israel, "would be forced to come to terms with the consequences of Israel's occupation of other people's lands and of its murder of civilians; of his own invasion of Iraq and of his failure, across the past six years, to treat the Palestinians fairly. And this he seems incapable of doing. Instead... Bush is constructing a millenarian narrative of escalating conflict leading to the final triumph of freedom and democracy."

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  1. somebody is getting exposure :) congrats on having a powerful piece run in two big organizations. does this mean i need to get your autograph now? :)

  2. LOL! Sure! Good luck bein' able to read it though. {-;
    Alas, I wish I'd have been the writer of either. I jessbee a minor messenger, m'Lady.

    Perhaps sometime I shall be an originator on such stages. I can't say it's not a dream which I'm workin' towards making into a goal.

  3. King of Fairyland! I love it.

    I cannot say too much but I know someone who works with The King on a routine basis and he said he's as arrogant in real life as he is on TV. He's so clueless and judgemental that it's unbelieveable. It makes me so sad today.

    Great post!

  4. Now there's a nail hit squarely on the head.

  5. It's just that simple...he is really mad.


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