As Is, huh . . .

The thing that makes someone interesting is not specifically
what they do, but what they do is how we decide if they are interesting to us.

I'm not talking about their job or profession, but about their expressions throughout their day of what they want and how they think and feel; about the choices folk make for entertaining and maintaining themselves.

The thing which makes blogging desirable for me, is how simple it is for me to splatter my thoughts electronically across pages, in ways which give
some kind of form to occurrences within my mind that excite or intrigue me. It's a forum in which I can express myself in a way which I believe is attractive of others with whom I would to be surrounding myself.

But it all hinges - whom I want to attract; how I choose to attract them; which desires I'm trying to satisfy via the process - all of it hinges upon how I experience the seconds of my life going by from within my own and singular mind; as is.

Jayne posted on something I find and lose with some frequency throughout my life: allowing oneself to experience
whatever they are feeling to a full extent. Whether it's a High or a Low, acknowledging its existence is the only way to either benefit from it or be able to alleviate the worst of it through developing an understanding of what is needed to do so. I see in today's quote the same meaning.

There can be no change from an undesirable position, if one doesn't realise how cental is that position to every other direction available to them. To do so and expect to find what one wants, is to run blindly and hope for
Luck and delusions to provide what one needs.

On the other side of that coin though, it's equally apparent that one can waste far too much of their time just thinking about the alternative directions or - worse yet - the apparent lack of directional optionals available to them.

Time for me to start
doing again. It's so freaking exhausting being what I am inside my mind, that I'm gonna have to get some help; again. This time, I promise myself that I won't abandon that help if I get to a place that feels good, but which my helper is warning me about and which my intellectual - as opposed to my emotional - self is in agreement with them.

Emotions aren't the enemy. Some of mine are simply far too well nurtured for me to do anything but give in to them without outside assistance. Blogging definitely helps, but now it's time to add that something else.

namas te and L8r amigas y 'migos


  1. very healthy processing, amigo.
    I believe that awareness is vital, the first step to begin the process of change. But after self-awarenss, then what?

    Figure out how to set goals ,and then reach them. What to keep, what to thow out. What to rethink. and importantly, how not to sabotage yourself and fall back into old bad habits!! Keep moving forward...onward, into the fog!

    This is probably the only life we get, so make it yours. Just as in tennis or basketball, a good coach can make all the difference.

  2. I've had a couple of good coaches in the past. Gotta keep the next one around.

    Kinda like George Costanza, there are some parts of my life I've just gotta do the opposite of whatever my instincts tell to do!

    Now to find the coach who can help figure out when to do that.

    Thanks Glenda.

  3. Hola. I feel you. Have you read The Happiness Hypothesis by Haidt? I think it'd be right up your ally. He writes about philosophy throughout the ages, along with psychology of mind and the latest research. What I found most fascinating (and personally helpful and relieving - a real "ah ha!" moment) was his description of the 2 parts of our brain, and how and why they fight with one another. They can work together! I talk about this a tiny bit in the motivation section in the download from my latest post. Anyway, it spoke to me. . . and I know what you mean about needing to DO instead of sit around being too much, inside your head. (and PS thanks for the link! I linked to you a bit ago, too : ) )

  4. I mean up your alley! But he can be an ally LOL.

  5. I have the same habit of thinking but not doing and it took me ages to even figure that out.

    I'm still working on the doing part, but it'll come.

  6. I loved that post. Very open and pretty to think of.

  7. Hi there,

    just a short note to tell you that you have been tagged ... to tell five weird things about yourself! Wanna play?

    I had to tag five other bloggers after having been tagged myself and decided to pick them by pure random, so I don't know who you are or what your blog is all about ... but it's worth a try ...

    So are you gonna tell .... 5 weird things about yourself?

  8. I thought this post was weird enough.


    Great idea on choosin' folks though Lille!

    Well, here's a couple more for kicks.

    I can't fall asleep and I can't keep my opens; right now that is.

    I hate violence and American Football is my favorite sport.

    I love my hair long and am, once again, considerin' butchin' it.

    Ok. Maybe now I can sleep.


  9. Neat (and ironic!) typo Jayne. I'll take it, either way. merci And I've downloaded the .pdf. From some of your other posts, I know there're a few things in there I might be able to adopt right off the bat.

    ... it'll come. I know it Kevin. I've done it before, but stickin' with some of the internal changes - like what to do when every choice I make seems to be horribly wrong - that's always the hard part.

    I'll just keep writing about it, and goin' back for more. Thanks for all yer comments bro.

    Tonya.. youuuuu... {-; gracias m'lady. Me makin' my life better is a pretty thought for me as well!

    ps: I wrote this comment around 7pm but blogger was down. I just closed Firefox and this window was still open so I'm postin' it now.

    How's that for weird! {-';


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