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Sorry, but I'm feeling lazy tonight. Bummed too, cuz I just ate a steak and it did nothing for me.

Well, alright.. It filled me up. But I totally forgot teh sweet potatoe*, so it just left me kinda wanting.

Anyhow, Dick's good. Umm, Feagler, I mean. It's a quick read and accurate take, as is often the case from this Cleveland quasi-curmedgeon.

Via Common Dreams
Published on Monday, August 14, 2006 by the Cleveland Plain Dealer (Ohio)

Badges Outdoing Bombs, Bullets
by Dick Feagler

The war on terror is a cop's war. It's not a soldier's war.

Every time the cops have been tested, they've come through. Every time an army has been sent in to make things better, things get worse.

It was cops and secret cops who saved airplanes from blowing up over the Atlantic. This war is a crime war - the kind of war cops and supercops deal with best.

We got this war wrong almost from the beginning. And it's still horribly wrong today.

We ought to be on a cop manhunt for thugs. The crime against us was the Twin Towers. And Osama bin Laden was public enemy No. 1.

At first we went after him. America was united then. It was Osama we wanted, dead or alive.

Nobody opposed our effort. Five years ago, America spoke with one voice. We wanted to go get him and drag him back and try him and shoot him. But he gave us the slip.

What we should have done then was keep boring in. We knew where bin Laden was hiding. He was in that bleak, mountainous region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. I guess he still is. So the cops or the supercops - our precision Delta Force - should have gone to find him.

There certainly was no indication he was anywhere near Iraq. Iraq would have viewed him as too hot to handle. But, lacking any proof that Iraq had attacked America, we attacked Iraq. And loused up what was left of the manhunt.

And now we're stuck in Iraq. Stuck in a civil war. And for no good reason. Our presence there screws up the hunt for justice. We have made bin Laden stronger. We have further inflamed the whole Middle East. We are working against ourselves.

We have lost what small clout we had in the region. Instead of breathing life on a wistful ember of Rose Garden diplomacy, we blew it out.

Our Middle East policy, always fragile, has been trampled beneath the boots of our reluctant Army. We are, once again, in the wrong place for the wrong reason at the wrong time. With a new generation of boobs to lead us.

Either the commander in chief is a fool (which is possible) or, led blindly by his acolytes, he thirsted for a full-scale Armageddon in the Mideast - a crusade he thought would be easily won.

By now, he must know that nothing is won easily in the Mideast. By now, he must know that we are losing. Iraq was never ours to win.

But he's too stubborn to pull out. Yet. Sooner or later, he's going to have to. But when it comes to ending the killing, everything takes too long. There are always too many people on Capitol Hill who won't admit their mistakes. Even if they are written in blood.

It's never their blood.

There was no reason on Earth to fight a soldier's war in Iraq. The war on terror is a cop's war. It's a war against organized crime.

And ever since the crumbling of the towers, the cops have performed magnificently. Right up to and including the busts in Britain that may have prevented thugs and terrorists from using their favorite weapons of mass destruction, airliners.

It seems to me that the American war on terror is a failure. We went into Iraq and kicked over an anthill. And now, we're trying to save face while we look for the exit. We look bad. We should.

The only connection between the Iraq war and the war on terror is that the Iraq war - Bush's war - is making things worse.

The cops are the heroes who never get credit. This week, they should. They are our homeland security. And always have been.

© Copyright 2006 The Plain Dealer

* Godz I miss the innocuous idiot VPs, like Ford and Quayle.


  1. it always sucks to eat a meal and have it not be satisfactory :(

  2. I never get the satisfactory phenom because I'm just looking for feeling less hungary.

    Dick has some interesting points. Thanks for those.

  3. Yah, I normally just eat for hunger too. I used to have a thing where I'd get pizza or a porterhouse every other Friday though. Big Deal dinners, ya know... Steaks just ain't doin' it for me any more.

    I'm scared... What if I'm turnin' vegetarian??

    Naaah... That's just paranoia talkin'. {-;

    And I think Feagler's point on Police investigations, versus Military bombardments are especially relevant vis-a-vie this whacked out Admin. They've totally been more about Might is Right and've done everything they can to gather more power than actual intelligence.

    Americans have got to grow up and suck it up when it comes THAT KIND of neurosis. Otherwise we're really gonna fall off the top-tier of living starndards which we're so afraid of losing.

  4. I miss those idiot VPs too. Quayle was so unintentionally hilarious. Stupider than Bush!! Trouble is, in Ford's case, being an innocuous idiot is not so good when you are in the top spot. Then the smarter eviller people can get control. I think I made up a word: "eviller".


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