Growing the Internets:'s First Birthday

Obviously, I'm a Blogger user, and despite some hairy moments and several lost templates (mostly my own fault,) I have totally loved the opportunity which Blogger has given me to be "out there" and publish both my serious considerations about our silly species, as well as some of the craziest inanities I'd never thought I'd have the sack to share in public.

The reason I mention the anniversary is that
Babbler posted on't, so I took a look and was actually quite moved by the heartfelt essay of thanks to Wordpress by one of its users; a blogger name of Lorelle.

Here's the bit I found the most eloquent.

is more than just a free blogging service. It’s foundation lies even deeper than the WordPress collection of php code driven blog management software. It’s foundation is built upon the honest belief that everyone has a right to have a free voice - and that their voice has a right to be freely heard.

No matter how much we want “pretty” in a WordPress Theme, no matter how much we wish the sidebar were on the left instead of the right, or want to add Flickr galleries to our sidebars or posts, insert video or music files into our posts, tag posts, change header art, or wrap text around pictures, it’s all about the stories we share, the memories we recall, pictures we show off, opinions we rattle off, our screams and shouts, our whines and moans, tears openly shed, questions asked, answers challenged, and words we write.

The whole post reminded me of how happy I am that there are people like the staff at and (and, though I think it's not free, TypePad, cuz a few of my favorite bloggers on there) who put in so much effort to provide such an awesome Low Cost means of making the Internets perhaps the most egalitarian social construct yet to be created.

So Happy Anniversary Let Freedom Blog!


  1. little known fact, i've had an account on a lot of free blogging platforms...

    (blogger, wordpress, blogsome)

    and a few that i dont even remember...

    may the FSM bless them all :)

    side note, there's a blogger beta at that's a lot quicker than the current one, and they tell you that you can merge with your current one.

    i have one, you can get yours if you're quick enough :)

    PS: yes, i am an internet nerd :)

  2. I just created a new blog via the beta,* this morning. They say SH (all blogger blogs) will eventually be switched to the format automatically, but I wanted to mess with it a little first. The differences look like they'll be useful, eh.

    And, dude! Guess I've not dug back far enough into Fuzzy Words to notice, but The Green and White indicates that you went to Ohio U. I've never been there, but my 1rst wife, last roommate, and all of my oldest sistah's kids have gone or are going there.

    Just sayin'... lol

    * I do luvs to shake peoples up a bit with a li'l ambiguity. So I actually hope to develop the habit of posting on certain, specific topics on that one. We'll see...

  3. Yeah, I piss and moan a lot about Blogger's frequent outages, but who am I to complain, really? The shit's free.

    Way to go all softy on us...


  4. Hey! What kin I say? I'm prolly 2 beeps and a click away from bein' schizo, but no matter how disparate any two of my posts may be, I'll never claim some "multiple" o' me wrote one of 'em. Is all moi. Uni, not bi-polar.

    errr, or otherwise, TTTT.



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