Launch Postponed

Ahhhh... Wish it was that simple. Then they could just pick it up again tomorrow.
Storm grounds space shuttle Atlantis
By Irene Klotz Mon Aug 28, 8:38 AM ET

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) -
NASA on Monday said it plans to pull the space shuttle Atlantis off its seaside Florida launch pad and return the ship to a protective hangar due to concerns about encroaching Tropical Storm Ernesto.

The move will postpone for an uncertain period of time this week's planned launch of Atlantis on a mission considered vital to the future of the

International Space Station.

The launch originally had been set for Sunday. It was rescheduled for Tuesday due to concerns about possible damage from a lightning bolt that hit the shuttle's launch pad on Friday.

Ernesto, which could regain hurricane strength before making its expected landfall in south Florida late on Tuesday or early Wednesday, triggered the decision to call off Tuesday's launch attempt, public affairs officials at the U.S. space agency said on Monday.
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Looks like it's gonna be at least a few more days since they're actually puttin' Atlantis back in the garage, so to speak.

Ernesto doesn't look like much of a Hurricane, so lets hope this is the worst of the damage this storm will cause.


  1. I know, the media is making a huge deal out of Ernesto and it's just at the most a level 1 hurricane. Ah well.

  2. I hear ya, Mary. The Media is one of the few areas which I firmly believe needs to forgoe Free Market principals as much as possible. Even if it means Laws limiting ownership.

    News is NOT dependant upon demand. It's what's happening; reported factually.

    The "Third Estate" indeed...

    {shakin'head} That really would be a joke if politicians and religios weren't so adverse to honesty and integrity as to make those virtues hard to expect from the MSM as well.

  3. It's causing some challenges already up north. It's better to be safe than have another Katrina on our hands. It's like security at the airport -- it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situ...

  4. Love the cartoon of course.


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