Now for Plan B

FDA Approves Plan B's Over-the-Counter Sale
No Prescription Will Be Required for Women 18 or Older

By Rob Stein

Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, August 25, 2006; Page A04

By the end of the year, American women will be able to walk into any pharmacy and buy emergency contraceptive pills without a prescription as a result of a Food and Drug Administration decision announced yesterday.

The decision means women will not have to go to a doctor first as long as they can prove they are 18 or older to a pharmacist, who will keep the drugs behind a counter. Younger teenagers will still need a prescription, and the pills will not be sold at gas stations, convenience stores or other outlets that do not have pharmacists.

The approval marks the first time a hormonal contraceptive will be broadly available in the United States without a prescription. The pills, which will be sold as Plan B, will probably cost about $25 to $40 per dose, and men will also be able to buy them.
The article is loaded with hair-brained dissenters, including some numbskull in Congress who thinks the availability will actually encourage more young women to have sex.

Uhh... How many times must we have disassemble
that strawman?


The worst part is all the folks whinin' "bad science! bad science!" No. It's good science; the kind which ignores your silly religious arguments and acknowledges that, hey guess what?, young people
Will Have Sex No Matter What You Say!

This act will prevent unwanted pregnancies and the drug has extremely low hormone-related side-effects, so the decision is a good thing, not only for the individuals who may now avail themselves of it, but for a society which still doesn't realize that it's growth must be consciously moderated by its members, lest more draconian
State impelled actions (like China has needed to use) are absolutely required some decades down the line.

Sex is good. Have some. Do it responsibly and no one gets hurt. Raise YOUR children responsibly, and they'll know that when their time comes to experiment.

So it has always been.

So shall it always be.


  1. If they really believed any of what they are saying there wouldn't be a drug like this. It's just lip service to the flock.

    The lobbying money congress receives when something like this passes surely helps with their conscience. Don't ya think?

  2. is this what they call a backhanded compliment?

    btw, congrats america. you're now doing what india of all places has been doing since i was but a wee lad.

  3. The biggest win is that it is available without having to go through a doctor. That would have been cruel since many doctors would refuse on religious grounds. Chalk one up for sanity!

  4. What I find funny is nobody said when Viagra was approved, "young boys will have more sex."

  5. so true girls!

    It's all about waiting till after marriage to keep us barefoot and pregnant.

  6. This is only really useful if pharmacies stock the drug. In many places, women will have no more access to Plan B than they did before it was approved for OTC use. It'll be safe, legal, and inaccessible, but anti's will dwell on the fact that it is legal. (Just like abortion - a whopping 87% of counties have no abortion provider; 25% of women need to travel more than 50 miles to the nearest clinic.) Sigh.


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