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The Poetry Man has posted a couple of extremely moving musical clips in the last couple days. While I've always dug Kristofferson's rumblin' tones, but this one is more my speed.

As I commented on the site, Capitalism works, so we need to work it responsibly.

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  1. I think something's broke or maybe I broke it, but I can't get it to work. :(

  2. Weird, but it won't work for me, now, either.

    Clickin' on "Click Here to Comment" will take ya to the site where I can play it right now.

    Strange stuff. Thanks for the heads up, POP.

  3. Capitalism works, so we need to work it responsibly.

    i would take issue with that.

    capitalism works for a few, to the detriment of many. you should hang out here and here

  4. AIF, provide us some ideas of other solutions to capitalism. Not being a wise acre, wanting a good discussion...

  5. Interesting site, AIF.

    No One, absolutely without exception, gets anything without some kind of Capital. It isn't possible.

    Now, if you're referring to the extremist idea that unlimited growth potential is somehow a right folks with large amounts of financial capital somehow have, then I agree that such is just another form of totalitarianism; albeit one which is more closely related to anarchy and paradoxically depends upon an essentially fascist ideology of the government in order to commence unmolested.

    THAT - admittedly more typically considered - degree of Capitalism is exactly what captivates the neocons like Krystol y Bush y Roverboy, etc, so religiously. It is a faith which admits no modifications nor tolerates no compromise nor reason.

    Gonna check that site. A brief perusal suggests it's right up my alley.

    My 2 favorite economists (not that I know many by name and keepin' in mind that K-Marx was less knowledgeable than anyone with 2 modern college course on the topic) are Bob Reich and Kenneth Galbraith, because they know (knew) economics is inseparable from sociology.

    In other words; there is no moral AND progressive way to govern an industrial society without the economic tools of BOTH Capitalism and Socialism. Every group which has ever tried either alone has failed disastrously and they always will unless either Chattel Slavery is instituted or technology discovers a means to Unlimited Resources.

    Oy vey! Dang but this Soap Box is tall!

    lol! Thanks for challenging me, AIF. Like AG (and despite what the passion of my rant might seem to suggest) I REALLY just want to have a good discussion on this one.

    Did I throw enough fuel on the fire?? {-;

  6. I have no problem with capitalism, but it is greed plus capitalism that wrecks the whole thing. Today's capitalist has no sense of social justice and that is dangerous both to the capitalist and the worker.

  7. No One, absolutely without exception, gets anything without some kind of Capital. It isn't possible.
    that is because we live in a capitalist world, mate. and marx was more a philosopher than an economist anyway. he seems to be a pretty decent writer too. not too hard to read 'capital', it's available at and project gutenberg.

    and peacechick mary,
    the idea that today's capitalist is somehow different from yesterday's capitalist is somehow quaint to me. he has better access to technology and a slightly larger marketing budget, but otherwise today's capitalist is as insidious as yesterday's, or the days preceding that.


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