Be Your Own Jackson Pollack!

Cities of the Random Collision

Gettin' There

I just discovered an awesome website on the sidebar of
Aif's Fuzzy Words!

is as simple as it gets when it comes to making your own 'puter generated art. I could get lost doing this kind of thing! In a good way, of course.

Have fun!


  1. That IS fun and a fabulous time-waster. ;-)
    I couldn't figure out how to make it stop! Maybe it's a Mac thing.

  2. AIF is the man when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    I do have to admit, when I first saw the pictures before reading the post I was all, either spin art or some sort of rorshach card game.

    Very nice!

  3. looks like fun- and yours came out- well like a pollack picture. :)

  4. Aif's the man, eh! I'm goin' back now. {-;

    Thanks m'ladies. My art teacher always said I was too minimal in my applications, but dislike crowded art. I want what's there to speak for itself. If it doesn't... oh well. I really only needs to for me I guess. If enough people thought my stuff was good, I'd sell it.

    Same goes for my music, which I REALLY DO INTEND TO POST ON HERE sometime! LOL! I do!

  5. I'm having great fun utilizing my right brain but my left brain won't tell me how to turn it off when I think the pic is done. What's the trick?


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