Bush, Blaire and Condi Work on Their Iran Plan


Problem is, Iran is playin' a slightly more complicated game than this bunch is.

From the World Peace Herald:
[Link] Nadim Shehadi, associate fellow on Chatham House's Middle East Program and one of the report's authors, said: "While the U.S. has been playing poker in the region, Iran has been playing chess. Iran is playing a longer, cleverer game and has been far more successful at winning hearts and minds."
One of the most disgusting and masochistic habits enjoyed by a large swathe of Americans, is poo-pooing people who think outside their own little box of experience. I'll not claim it's unique to my countryfolk, but I've grown up around its practice and, despite the goodness in their hearts and their loyalty to family and - for the most part - friends, there are far too many folk willing to belittle the use of their natural faculty of intelligence whenever it goes against their personal knowledge of "how things oughtta be."

That mindset gets us Pat Robertsons, Jimmy Swaggerts, David Koresh's galore. It gave us Ronnie Reagan and Georgie W Bush in the whitehouse. And it's not limited to the "ignorant" masses, either. Dick Nixon was brilliant, but paranoid. Jimmy Carter was accomplished and wise, but foolishly allowed the festering Islamic Revolution to reach its Apex in Iran because he thought the Iranian people Loved their Shah; the man who was America's quasi-capitalist, puppet dictator in that country.

Folks, ain't
none of us playing with a FULL deck o' cards on every occasion. Sometimes, as in the case of the "War on Terror", our leaders are still playing games with lives, whilst those whom they - and frequently me as well - have denounced as evil are fighting for their right to exist on the same planet and to do so with their fully deserved right to Sovereignty unmolested by people for whom their way of life is anathema.

We've got to wake up our neighbors and families and friends to the fact that We Are NOT the World. We are one small and amazingly wonderful, productive and creative portion of a much larger whole. We have been guarentied since birth, opportunities not afforded to most of the planet's people; the rights to Life, Liberty and the
pursuit of happiness, and these rights are being ever so slowly threatened by the people whom we, in our frightened and devout ignorance, have promoted to positions of leadership and responsibility.

This Preznit's poll numbers are the lowest for the longest period of time of nearly anyone who's held that magnificent office in the past century. Perhaps my fellow Americans are learning. Perhaps they can't help it; what with the results of their 2004 election day Terror finally eating away at their bank accounts and their prospects not looking much better, even while they see their elected leaders giving out one Tax Break after another to the Wealthiest of their fellow citizens.

Perhaps the old saw that it's better to learn by doing is finally starting prove true in politics as well.

I'm not exactly counting on it to stick though. Any monkey can grind a tune, or peel a banana. It takes only an average human intelligence to know what to do with what is right in front of you. It takes the ability to acknowledge and understand facts which aren't presently slamming into one's skull in order to really see the bigger picture; the one which includes Everyone, even those with whom we have next to nothing in common.

Until we get a majority of folks in this country who can do that, we will continue to slide back towards the Financial Mediocrity which awaits us.

Talk about "haves" and "have nots". . . How many millionaires do
you hang around with?


  1. That's how elite got a bad name. They believe anyone who is educated and thinks for themselves is an "elitist" and something to avoid.

  2. tell it like it is. drop it like it's hot. you know it.

  3. I do hang out with a couple of millionaires and I also hang out with a few homeless. In either case, their world is limited to about 4 feet surrounding themselves and neither would have anything to do with the other. To me, life is the best book ever written and full of every imaginable character ever conceived. Wildly interesting. I don't know how to get the others to be more open, tho.

  4. Me neither, Mary. I guess it's what I'd like to do with my life, though. That's kinda why I'm still shufflin' my feet, fixin' 'puters, instead of working on what Degree, I don't know, to what end, I can't quite tell.

    Thanks to all 3 of you good friends for commenting as you have. Believe it or not, it's sometimes easier for me to post those "woe-is-me"ers because I don't really care what anyone thinks of them. They're just things I need to get out lest they consume me.

    This kind of post is more what I'd like to do more frequently; what I intended when I started the blog. Thus the comments are - intellectually at least - more interesting, even if not any more appreciated.

  5. I have often said this about the fact that what kind of gov't allows the people who are in control to pay themselves. If Congress et. al. want a raise -- let the American people decide if and how much!

  6. ahh haves or have nots? i prefer it somewhere in the middle myself. however, i would take the have nots anyday because i have been one and i know that those folks can be a whole lot more giving than your millionaires. now, billionaires- that's a whole lotta somethin' different. :)

  7. Baines, please prayerfully consider this post


    oh wait, you are an atheist....

    oh well, think about it anyways

  8. AG, sure does amount to a Conflict of Interest, eh. I still think they should be paid a ton, and have the amount they can spend on campaigns be equalized.

    "Free Speach" my arse... All tonnes o' dollars does is allow for saturation of a market with advertising. How the HELL doesn't that make any sense if a Fair Competition of Ideas is the goal of the Democratic Process?

    It does not. It's far far worse than yellin' "Fire" in a crowded theatre, because Far More people get hurt by the results.

    Betmo; dig it Lady. The opportunities are NOT afforded to those on the lowest financial rungs anywhere NEAR to the level as they are to the wealthy and middle classes; and the mid classes really are that close to teh wealthy after all the enormous cutbacks to the Education System in the name of "trickle down" economics over the last 20 years.

    There arent' many thing I want my government to foot the bill on. Education. Transportaion Infrastructure. Defense and Security. Medical Care.

    Unfortunately the Defense bit takes up the overwhelming majority for the bottomline fact that the others are neglected and Violence is the first refuge of our leaders, rather than the last.

    What's left can go to foreign aid; again minimizing a need for Defense spending.

    Steve; I've, errm, prayed 'bout it. {-; (Though you've probably read my email already.)

  9. I am not saying nobody doesn't deserve an honest day's pay. I just don't think that you should shit where you eat. Let the people decide or the ACLU or something. Just think about Frist. Ask yourself what that clown thinks about himself. Enough said.

  10. You have been cyber tagged for a book meme :)

    A Book! A Book! My Kingdom For A Book!


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