I'm BaaaAck . . .

That didn' take long, now did it.

I'm not finished moving all my junk yet. There's still a couple o' big things, like the 'puter desk and couch, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my coffee maker! How'd I freakin' forget

Luckily I had planned on eating breakfast at the the City Place cafe on the corner, so I got 'ffeined up over there and had no w/drawal headache.

Last time I lived in Lakewood, the local cable outlet was just up the road but it's since moved to a main HQ kinda location so it took some finding it. No internet? {shakin'head} I ain't
that lazy! {-;

Ain't much, but here's a corner, of the livin' space I'm now callin' Home Sweet Home. There's a mirror off to the right, and some other stuff in the kitchen and bedroom, so it's not quite as stark as it looks. Gotta love those freshly sanded and finished hard wood floors though, eh.

Back to work tomorrow and Jim and I'll haul the rest of the big stuff back hyar. Temp is supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler then than it is today.

Alrighty, off for some grub then to catch up on blog reading! L8r all.


  1. Welcome to your new home!

    Lakewood? Isn't there a big mall there? I think I was there once during a snow storm because it was the only place with a Bank of America ATM.

  2. Welcome and rest a spell. Those are beautiful hardwood floors!

  3. I think you should have an online housewarming party! Gorgeous floors. Rest well and enjoy.

  4. Great Northern Mall is only 3 exits away on I-90. I guess it was the biggest Mall in No America when it was built. Woo hoo, eh. lol {-;

    It does have a World Market on the lot though. That's where I hopin' to find another cool throw or 2 to accent the floor.

    And one o' the best things 'bout Online Parties; No hangover! (Not that I've had more than a couple o' those in the past 3 years or so... {-; )

  5. Damn, I wouldn't put anything on those floors but my bare feet. Congratulations on your new nest and may happiness and fun move in with you. :)

  6. LOL! Howdy POP. I hear ya, but trust me on this one my Floridian friend, when Ol' Man Winter starts actin' up, these slats are gonna get cooold!

    I've got one royal blue rug for gettin' outta bed in the mornin' and am thinkin' of a runner from bed to bath. The rest shall remain exposed in all its naked beauty.

  7. From what I can tell it looks like an amazing space. See I'm not the only one that wants to have a housewarming for ya. Your probably gonna have to give in soon.

  8. you're instead of your - see I do that all the time.

  9. Heheheh.. {-;

    I usually do that one the other way around. Who knows... And, in the comment on the Mall, .. where I hopin' to find...


  10. Good luck in your new digs

  11. I'm in total agreement here on those hardwood floors. Beautiful!

    Lakewood's cool MB. We were just talking about going to 3 Birds a couple of weekends ago, but ended up somewhere else.

    You should drop your address in the comments area, cuz it sounds like people want to send you presents! How can you resist! Presents!

    Do it! I know what I'd send you!

    Or! Do a "Wish List" on amazon.

  12. Look at BG throwing an online house warming gift. You have to love BG when it comes to parties.

  13. Especially when the party is for yourself! {-;

    OK. Amazon Wishlist is goin' up on the sidebar; once I figure out how to do that. lol

    Thanks Blue Girl. You may not be as Goopy as that whatshisface poet guy, but you got it in just the right amount.


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