"Tales To Astonish"

Honestly, I've been reading The Retropolitan, here and there and occasionally, ever since I started blogging. The site has one of the coolest formats I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure I've actually posted something to that effect one time. So, I have no idea why Tales to Astonish has not always been on my sidebar.

Error corrected.

Do yourself a favor and go take a gander. If you'll note that the URL is
nineteenthirtynine.net, that will give you an idea of the look which is in store for you. Enjoy!


  1. i love that old pennynovel art.
    btw, hope you don't mind, i added you to my sidebar.

  2. Oh no! I hate being liked! LOL!

    Thank you Lady! I'll glad return the favor (I'm a little slow at that sometimes... {-;) I ALWAYS enjoy your comments Glenda and I've enjoyed every trip to the Land of OZ.

    Thanks again.

    Oh yah! I love that art work as well. I think I don't want to buy a house cuz they're TOO MANY different styles in which to decorate it! Art Deco... Modern.. Log Cabin... Baroque.. Classic Americana.. Oy vey!

    lol! It sure is nice to have choices, eh.


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