More Implicit Association Test Results por moi

I really dig this test, so am gonna post the rest of my results after taking the rest of 'em.

These are the 2nd and 3rd tests I've taken. So far so good on the one hand. On the other, one of the big-time reasons I'm taking them is to figure out why it's so hard for me to get motivated to do stuff that I hate doing.

People say "just do it" and that'd be great. Now if I could just turn off my emotions without shuttin' off my ability to reason at the same time...

The first one is no surprise.

The second suggests that I've a Moderate Preference for Jewery? Hhmmm..

I wonder if it's because I was totally In Love with my 3rd grade teacher, a beautiful Polish Catholic girl, and she freaked all of Catholic school kids out by marrying a nice Jewish boy. Could be, eh...

More to come...


  1. She married a Jewish boy because they are the best kind of boys to marry.

    P.S. They have Jews in Ohio?

  2. But of course, AG! I just moved out of one of the most Jewish areas in North America; Cleveland-University-Shaker Heights.

    I'm gonna miss it, to be true. But I'll still visit with some frequency, as there's lots to do 'round those parts.


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