What A Reading Room!

Stopping by Kevin Wolf's the other day, I found that he and a couple other guys whom I consider "real writers with blogs" have joined in a group blog. First looks show it's already a place I'll both love and fear visiting!

lol! {sigh}

Neddy Jingo and Lance Mannion are involved, and those are to blogs which (and that pain in my shoulder is building as I write this) both compell and repel me because of the quality of their posts. The problem is simply that I'm intimidated because they do so well what I aspire to do; write!

It's obvious to me, as I write this, that I'm gettin' all discombobulated about what I'm trying to say, so I'll just push on and point out how I know that my convolutions of thought and feeling are more about me than anything these good folk put into the blogosphere.

What I want, I fear. What I fear, I
run from!

The only way I've stayed remotely sane with this affliction is by challenging it repeatedly, and blogging even when it's only to post some supreme silliness, and if it's triggered by a visit to another blog, leaving that one open in a Firefox tab, so that I can return to it when I've done something constructive to get my selfconfidance back up to a level where I can read them without goin' all
waah waah waahh.. poor me. Why can't I write like that?


Check out
Anecdotal Antidote for yourself. It has just introduced me to several more writers who will be challenging me to be a better person myself.

Ya got any extra Xanax lying around,


  1. ...and if it's triggered by a visit to another blog...

    Almost all of my best stuff (well...at least the stuff I like), is triggered by my responses to other bloggers. In fact, without other bloggers Blognonymous would be...well...nothing.

    As for the writing...don't think...just do, Do, DO! Tis the only way.

  2. If Lance is in, you know it's serious. Man I heart all my blogger peeps, but that Lance can write!

  3. Both of you, to different ends, have spoken some of the truest of words!


  4. ...get my selfconfidance back up to a level where I can read them without goin' all waah waah waahh.. poor me. Why can't I write like that?

    MB, MB -- Boy, do I hear ya there. Lance wrote something awhile back and it *devastated me*. I mean, DEVASTATED!!

    I'll just be going along my merry way and I'll read something he's written, or something Melissa/Shakespeare's Sister has written and I get all despondent and mope around muttering that I'm going to quit blogging.

    I can totally relate to what you're saying here.

    If you'll keep plugging away, then I'll keep pluggin away. How's that?


    We'll mix our metaphors and other such criminal acts, sure. But, no one will ever accuse of of quitting!


  5. You got it, BG. NO QUITTIN'!!!1!

    Well, except for that smokin' thing.

    And you're right 'bout Shake's Sis as well, of course. I do to be gettin' intimidated, but always go back for more.

    You gots style, moxy and some wild-assed aplomb yourself, now don't deny it! {-;

    Thanks for always havin' my back Girl. Is much appreciated.

  6. You hit the nail on the head for this one. I have the same feelings...I so relate to Shakes Sis's blog. I love it yet I feel very intimidated by it and don't usually leave a comment. I guess one has to go along and get ones confidence up...but it's hard when you feel so down on the totem-pole of blog writing. I hear your pain! I also feel the same way at Lance's. It's kind of funny really...

  7. I hear ya Sumo. Though I think it helps that Lance doesn't post as much as Shakes. She's got So Many good commenters for so many topics, I don't generally mind not leavin' my $.02.

    I just don't get to read her as often because timing, or something..

    Either way, and in both cases, I'm glad I found 'em. I feel just a little more, errm, normal for their presence! lol


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