How to Hit On a Creationist Cutie

Dance Like A Monkey!!!

Thanks to an email from mi 'migo, the PickledPunk.

And note his note:

Keep your eyes peeled for various appearances of deities, including
FSM and his noodly appendage.
It's great to see the New York Dolls are back and swingin' as ever. And a brief in Rolling Stone says the new guitarist is the dude from Hanoi Rocks! Excellent fit!


  1. seeing as i lurve teh clash ii must proclaim, in the words of professor farnsworth, Good news, Everyone!

  2. OMG. I love it! The video is so cute.

  3. Make sure you check out the original website for a higher res vid, AND --drumroll-- Kinky Freidman goodies!!
    YAY KINKY!!! (With a name like Kinky, it's gotta be good...)

  4. I listened to all those clips Aif! Gnarly dude!

    Ain't it though, AG? Tune has stuck w/ me all day too.

    I was gonna put that link in the title, but went with the NYD discography. The CollectionAgency vids are even better quality. I just couldn't figure out to imbed 'em on here.

    Thanks 'gain Punk! L8

  5. Hey! I posted about the same thing. (Cue spooky music..)

    "Dance Like A Monkey"

  6. Bruhahahah!!!

    And I just commented on your post!

    dundun dundun! {-;


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