Just a Flesh Wound

I linked to it in a comment, but this one warants its own post.

Hey AIF man, my favorite t-shirt has a pic o' yo on it! Well, of this guy anyhow...


  1. oh em gee.

    that is awesome!!#@#!

    i havent seen it in a while, i really should get the DVD someday.

  2. ps: i love that little chimp on the right.

  3. LOL! Ain't it though...

    They had 'bout 6 or 7 diff versions, all diff qualities, so I checked a bunch and picked the one that looked the best to me.

    Freakin' great way to start the day, eh.

  4. My nephew can do the whole movie verbatim and I laugh everytime he does it. We are definitely fans.

  5. Oh!...the poor wee fellow! Heh heh!


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