Ceres Is In The House

I just figured I'd post this pic, which is parodied in the previous post, because

A) I really dig it

B) So much so that it's my current wallpaper

C) Comparison shows the 'toon to be fairly well done, actually

D) Repeat option A)

Oh yah... I might as well mention, case yer curious, 2003 UB313 is tentatively being called Xena. I've no idea if that will hold, but kinda hope it does. I mean, why not?


  1. It is truly exciting to have a new planet with us. I just sent you an e-mail looking for help in changing the front page for Sept 1st. If you do have the answer, we need to all get behind you and make sure the solution is well published.

  2. Answered emailed.

    As I say within, I'll post those instructions on here: just let me know if they look good for you first.

  3. "...is tentatively being called Xena. I've no idea if that will hold, but kinda hope it does. I mean, why not?"

    GAh! What's next, Gabrielle?


  4. Hmm Xena, It's spacey enough lol...and lesbians everywhere will be thrilled!

    Yes where is Gabrielle? Maybe she'll be a teeny star that floats near Xena and gets into all sorts of wacky trouble!

    It is a pic worth digging. Pretty awesome we get a new planet!

  5. I was totally gaga over a girl named Gabrielle in HS. She didn't go to my HS though, not that really woulda mattered. Me bein' moi (even more-so then,) I could never've told her anyway. Not less'n she'd suggested interest first. WTF, eh.

    Me bein' "Michael" I coulda gone w/ an "archangels gotta stick together" line or something.


  6. nice ... and the previous post too ... danka

  7. actually, gabrielle is a moon(satellite anyway) of xena :)

  8. AIF rules!


    Bitte Rory! I love this stuff, eh.

  9. If scientists are worked up over these changes, what about astrologers? They've got to be in the mother of all snits. Not just from having the new guys and the new classifications (when that's all worked out), but the other planets are Roman gods who had personalities that determined yours -- but what about Xena? They are going to have a fine time with her. heh heh

    I think it's a nice name, (what does it mean? "foreigner"?) and also imagining all the other names that could have been used. What about MacGyver? Bauer? Homer? Frodo? Batman?

  10. Alas, alack, and fuck Ares's luck...

  11. I learned something new from all this coverage: A planet that isn't quite a planet is a pluton. I love this shit.


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