The Silly Side of "Idiots"

I frequently read the Guardian and sometimes BBC News.

Here's a
different BBC which the last half-hour or so has made me to decide to sidebar right off the bat.
[Link] Well, I do take a lot of things seriously and do a lot of fussing and bitching, but why should I take myself seriously? Hell, no one else does. God is omnipresent, not omnipotent*, there are all kinds of shit here that I can’t make right, so I balance it out with humor and accepting that I’m an idiot in evolution. That because you are all part of the all, that you are all idiots in evolution. Some of us are just better idiots is all.
* I've thought that before, but've never heard/read it anywhere. Of course, I'm atheist on the whole thing but, being raised goddily, it makes sense to think of things in those terms sometimes. I see that as meaning that the natural rules of this Universe are responsible for everything having a probabilitiy. That isn't what makes thing likely to actually happen though.

Takes a little thought and emprical observations to figure that out.

Anyhow, i
t's nice that I don't have to agree with every detail in order to appreciate the point being made.

How boring would
that be!

Oh kay... I'm off to work.


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