Xena and Gabrielle

These blobs o' light look tighter than the TV twosome.

Thanks to AIF for the tip.


  1. I apologize for the shameless self plugging, but over at

    KoH I've solved the problem of what to name 2003 UB313.

  2. Jesus P. Christ!

    As in Planet, not Piss. I'm all for irreverence but that Piss shit never made a lick o' sense to me.

    Plug away anytime, Seth.

  3. Where is the Mbains I am use to reading?

  4. T! I'm sure glad to hear from you again, though I'm not sure what to make of your comment.. ?

    I'm always changing. Always the same me.

    I hope you write again. These'll be different again, as usual, but hopefully even better por moi. I'm workin' on it...

    Sumo, lol! Nice, ain't they.

    That Keck 'scope Rocks!

  5. always glad to be of assistance, MB :)

    i have all this useless knowledge that drifts in to my head somehow...

  6. Like the fact that a new planet and its satellite are named after a certain, ambiguously lesbian duo.

    And I had just guessed...

  7. Looks like you had that Intuition goin' strong, Teh!



  8. My goodness, teh teh is like a VD all over my new blog hideouts. He's like away for 200 years and bam! He's whorin' about town!

    UC and I checked out Mars during the concert the other night.

  9. Is so cool, wot? I'm diggin' Teh's contributions, no doubt. Just can't generally check his site cuz o' those danged "Weighted Phrase Limits" my workside fireway uses.


    And AG, I'm a'bettin' it's a safe bet Senor War God wasn't anywhere near a 10th the size of good ol' Luna, like that Email Myth goin' 'round keeps ludicrously suggestin'.

    Though it would be a hekk of a sight!

  10. errr... Workside fireWALL.

    Y^()*@$ typos...


  11. Actually we confirmed with a scientist friend that it could have been Mars. Who knows. Whatever it was, it was quite large and bright.

  12. Didn't mean to imply any doubt m'lady. Mars IS brighter and bigger than anyone has ever seen it right about now. And beautiful too, as you've seen.

    That email garbaj has it being the same size as the Moon, though. THAT's what I was goofin' on.


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