Just Cuz the Photos are really, very Good!

I was just next-bloggin' around and came 'crost New York City PhotoBlog. There were no comments yet, which amazed me since the quality and depth of the pics are both amazingly professional and incredibly personal.

I don't know if the blogger is a professional photographer, but I have no doubt they'd make their employer extremely happy if they were.

Normally, I'd post one of the pics, but feel kinda strange about doin that since I
just now saw the blog, and haven't actually chatted with the blogger. Check 'em out. Every one of the pics is excellent in any way I could describe.


  1. that's a great find michael .. !!

  2. wow- these are really good.

  3. They really are. I've never had any classes, but have learned a bit about composition and lighting and these meet any technical requirements of which I've read.

    It's a brand site, just a month old so I'm sure they photographer will get a lot more comments as time goes by.

    Glad you enjoyed them too!


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