"Is Bush an Idiot?"

Apparently such is what the folks in Scarborough Country are finally allowing themselves to wonder aloud.

Folks around the world, but especially here in the US, really want an empirical answer to this question. The evidence suggests that yes, depending upon how you define idiot, our Commander in Chief, the Chief Executive of the United States of America, is indeed, not playing with a full deck o' cards.

WaPo's Eugene Robinson wraps up his own thoughts on the topic with a nod to the Preznit's at least
nominal ability to ascertain actual reality.

[Link] In his news conference, the Decider did make a couple of nods to objective reality. He admitted in plain language that Iraq had nothing to do with the Sept. 11 attacks and possessed no weapons of mass destruction -- in other words, that his rationale for this elective, preemptive war had no substance. And he acknowledged a certain occasional exasperation.

"Frustrated? Sometimes I'm frustrated. Rarely surprised," the president said. "Sometimes I'm happy. This is -- but war is not a time of joy. These aren't joyous times."

No, they're not.

Not for anyone whose head ain't up their accountant's arse at any rate. Arms Dealers and Oilmen are amongst the very few for whom these last several years have been filled with the Happy Happy, Joy Joy which Dubya is finally acknowledging is in short supply politically.

All of which is why
I'm pushing the September 1, Impeachnet event.

We're bloggers; other than voting and writing LttEs and our Congressfolk, our posts are the best ways for us to communicate to the world, not to forget all those random DOJ visitors on our sitemeters and stats' pages. {-;

Addendum: I just read James Wolcott's take on the Scarboroughers conumdrum.
It's the burning question failing to divide America.

Is Bush an idiot?

Is water wet?

Is Colin Farrell stubbly?

Wolcott rocks!


  1. Michael, I'm helping Glenda with the PeaceTrain and think your step-by-step instruction to implement the Impeachment event is vital to it's success. Peachchick Mary was one of the early posters, and she was the first to inform everybody at Peacetrain about the upcoming event.

    I would like to ask for your permission for PeaceTrain to repost your helpful instructions on how to do this.

    The time is rapidly approaching, and I think your post could be so helpful. That also includes the helpful suggestions about how to restore the people's blogs after the event ends. Great job. Without some of your precautions, people could end up with a broken blog, and some bad feelings.

    It's good that you've already tested this with Peacechick Mary anf she is comfortable with the procedure.

  2. I've finally gone ahead and signed up at the Peace Train dot org. If I can figure out how to do so, I'll cross-post the instructions when I get home this evening.

    Thanks a lot for the interest and understanding, Earl. And to Glenda as well! She's encouraged me to join a couple of times, now.

  3. No kidding. I mean if you have to frickin' ask...

  4. LOL!

    Always glad to get yer input Teh!

  5. Michael, welcome aboard the Peacetrain. If it's all right with you, I can capture the instruction off of your post. Finding the submission screen on the Peacetrain is a little convolved. Thanks for the use of your post, and again welcome to Peacetrain.

  6. Hey man! I saw you over at Peace Train - a welcome addition, for sure. Isn't this great - getting the impeachment thing rolling, rolling, rolling like a big, strong river. As far as the Bush idiot thing, Idiots all across America are in revolt for being associated with Bush.

  7. Whatever works best, Earl.


  8. What about - Is George Walker Bush The Antichrist?


  9. OK, I totally support the call for impeachment, but I am also too technologically inept to risk losing my entire site, not through the fault of your instructions, but because I have a bad habit of screwing these things up. My point is that I love the idea, but need to participate in a slightly different way. But I shall participate! Thanks for raising awareness of the event.


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