Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve

Imagine being safely seated in lifeboat, while countless others drown, only to learn that another lifeboat has been secured to take your luggage to shore...
Sam Harris, "A New Year's Resolution for the Rich"

His quip isn't anywhere near to being empty. It's what happened throughout the History of civilization. It's what is happening right now. Not only in the United States but definitely here. Definitely with Our support. With the support of the majority of Americans who, inheriting second-hand tales of the austerity with which our Grands and great grandparents did live through the Great Depression, believe that we are merely being forced into our less dreamy version of our America due to Government policies which suck our wallets dry and redistribute our own hard earned wealth to the slacking and otherwise "undeserving" poor.

Well, we've got the undeserving part right, anyway...

Happy New Year to us all. It's going to be the one we've worked to get. Like it or not, it's what we really seem to believe we deserve.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

If everyone voted, after becoming as informed as the modern net can supply, would this really be the world in which we live? There are times in History when people have in front of them a decision to make. It probably isn't that time for even a large minority of people, but it is growing, and will swell unbelievably when something makes everything bad enough to suck the life out of too many people who Want To Live.

And in a peaceful, loving, prosperous and responsible world. Really! I believe that most people do, and that's why they let Leaders in their culture and Politics set the stage for them. As if those homo sapes were Lords and creators and protectors.

And sometimes they have been.

I don't know how close we are to that time. When so many will do more than throw our hands up in disgust, refusing to share their opinion or develop it more fully. When we will rise up physically and politically again. To what effect, no one now knows, though I see a nasty path to a good.

I think this time is closer to now then it is to the Reagan years and the nuclear apocalypse potential which preceded the Gulf incursions and manipulations that still haunt us, mostly now via Afghanistan and our Saudi alliance. Too bad that in the the 70s, did 60s activism become something less, something different, though still very connected to pride and feeling good, rather than feeling good about our accomplishments. So many people, stoned on drugs, booze, consumerism or patriotism, or religion, felt the farm being bought, and shifted into proud American mode, still loaded on the fear and self-congratulatory compensation which those cultural addictions duly provide.

Vive la Ronnie!

Since 9/11 we've spent our way into bankruptcy and foreclosure supporting the U.S. of A. Land of the free. Home of the brave. But now too many of us are broke near to dropping out of the American Dream, and those who are rich are so beyond the wildest dreams of your average TV addict.

I hope what's coming upon us Historically is another peaceful transition. Well, at least of the Eisenhower from Truman sort. Full of the usual vitriol and innuendo, but lacking McCarthy's power of paranoia.

I know... I tend to ask for everything.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Kill Switch --- Engage!* AGAIN!

This is a repost of a silly post which I just never thought would turn out as well as it did. Well, as it did IMO. Ya can tell by the dearth of comments that only one other peop did shareth my "holiday spirit" of that time.


Hhmmm. . . I just realized that every post since this one has been tolerant, positive, optimistic, up-beat or down-right sickery sweet and happy for the holidays.

This. Just. Won't. Do.

Now, while I take back none of it (and really can't stop listening to BG an' Neddie's Opus o' Yule!) I do have to confront the reality that I'm a 41 year old double-divorcé, (semi)manic depressive and an under-educated, amateur politi-blogging, atheist non-breeder with few active fleshbot friends, the best (perhaps) of whom is away in NYC for the long holiday weekend, thus leaving me alone again, naturally**.

I awoke (alone again***, let's not forget) this morning to the (redundant) realization that that so-called "Saint" Nick ain't coming down my chimney, even if'n I had one in this black mold infested (but easily affordable) brownstown on the near west side of a (formerly) Red State (formerly) steel town in the (cardiomyopathically**** challenged) Heartland of America.

Lucky for me, I read so many blogs that I'm almost always a day or two (or 10) behind, so old posts frequently appear brand new pour moi, and I am able to rekindle the War Effort via teh Librul-Baby-Geesus-Hating Underground.

Thanks for the linkage, "Miss C"! Irony is Beautiful.


* Some Conservatroll over on Bobby Lightfoot's used the name of that band to poo poo my man Bobby's awesome expression of angst over his life in the music industry. Being a sometime Metal maven, I seriously love (no. I ain't gonna be embarrassed 'bout that shit, either! {-;) the sound of the band name. Kill Switch Engage! What the . . ? Guess I'll go ahead and add that to my litany o' woes in this post's 3rd paragraph.

** Yikes! I never listened to all the lyrics to that one, eh. (I mean, why?) No worries, folks. My Dad ain't dead, and I'm not throwin' m'self off no towers. Terminal, or otherwise.

*** What's that mommy? No one will ever love me like you do? But.. but.. {shudderererererererer....}

**** {another-shudder} Yeppers, folks. I know that could very well be the mirror image of MY own heart, begging me to quit effing smoking already.

♫♫ ♫♫

Thank you non-existent gods, God and goddesses, for teh fucking Internets!!!1!1!Q!1

Merry Chris'mas! ! !


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and forever again

I don't want to
but I do
at least for now I accept it
I move forward
though not yet on

and something always
brings me down
back to a void
with my name on it
in gold and platinum
wanting silver for its mane

I ask the questions
but I leave
before the answers can make sense
to me
to who I want to be
after I reason out my fears
right now it's okay

Calligraphic are my thoughts
and beautiful to think
and see
but never to fully comprehend their reasons
though, I should know by now,
that isn't as important as
the getting there

Psychotropic is my spiel
or so it does appear from
your reaction to it
the reflections in your eyes
as they look away
and try to make it back to mine
because, I know,
you really do care

If ever you're in this neighborhood again
drop on in
let me know or just stop by
my door is locked but
it only takes a second
for the tumblers to fall
in the right way
to let you in

I don't know
I think I know
I am just not ready yet
to let you in
and again
and forever again
until you are finally comfortable
with being where we may yet go.

Note: I've only a few things which I'm good at speaking on. Political motives and sociological inevitabilities are two which appear to be the most useless but fulfilling for me.

And I understand people. Not persons all to often. At least not until any risk or benefits to my life they represent might be no longer available. I've taken, and will always continue to take risks with people I think are worth it. I'm the Judge of me. I'm the Judge of everything I see. Of everyone. I think I just don't understand how very few people seem to realize that not one of us, not me, nor you, nor anyone, can be the executioner as well. Any sentence we adjudicate can only be executed upon ourselves. No matter how much it may truly effect any others' lives. Any other's life.

I Judge me wanting. And am good with what I'm doing to remediate my lacks.

It's all good right now. It'll be better sooner rather than later, now. :)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It Is Here

again I lie
it forces its way out through
my teeth

staring into
eyes of amber chocolate

so true this time
and again not everything

I am the wolf
who strives to be the white prince
of dreams

whose soft kisses
open her eyes to life worth

silly smile
locked in that way I can't help

these worn down fangs
promising everything She's

delivers us
into temptation's empty

where both of us
wallow in our happiest

it is here now
awakening to facts not

all of those sweet times brushed off

onto my soul
where I will choose to believe
or won't

again I lie
wearing truth's better Sunday

still just rags
these grand imperial clothes
bare all

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New World Order

But never fear (yeah, right!) for there is a Doctor of only the maddest dimensions (read mostly sane, generally moral from a pithecan point of view) who shall endeavour to Save US All from this most inevitable of seeming inevitabilities!

Click the pic to see the good Doc immediately. That's right, folks, no appointments necessary for any of your prescription needs. No Shiny Happy (for mega-profit) Health Insurance coverage needed either!

Act Now and you'll even get a special BONUS Header at the top of the page! Hurry, though, because this offer may not last for ever. Or even 'til the Statue of Liberty is mostly buried under sand.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

silly woo ku

once in a while
politics fades from my view
eyes only for you

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Too Much Like

Isn't it a little much
like Heaven?
when the little child says what
you should know

Isn't it just a wee small bit
like Hell
when so soon her face has lost her
innocence glow

Everything that brings us
all together
and all those bits that
set us off apart

Enchanting mesmerizing
forevers trapped in trusted
cagey hearts

Oh, sometimes I could fall
away down under
at others I would rise
above it all

And sometimes I may feel
that I am smothered
still others I just lie there
feeling swell

Filled up and almost for
to bursting
Or emptied like an old
discarded shell

Just always can I see the door
to Heaven
Just as often as I sense the
depths of Hell

carpe every diem
sure as love and hatred
no one else
can reap or sew
them for us
but ourselves

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dear Mr President

From Reagan to Clinton, and the Bushes to now, yes now. The share of income earned in the United States has been legislatively funneled towards, not only the top One Percent of this country's population, but to an even smaller percentage of income earners.

Please to give Bernie Sanders your full attention for 10 or 15 minutes. Get your coffee. Let the E-sitter watch the kids for a moment or so and embrace the reality into which these United States are being ever more inextricably compacted.

And I'm posting the following on the President's website. If nothing else then to make myself feel somewhat better so that I don't continue argue with so much vehemence with my own dear peops. It does, I know, make me less than an enjoyable person to be around at time. :)

My Dear President Barack Obama

Please understand this fundamental fact of nature: One cannot rule from the top down in an effective and efficacious manner for the whole of any environment. It destroys that environment to siphon too large a percentage of its resources to the any single subset. 20+% of a nation's wealth cannot be concentrated in the financial accounts of a mere 1% without the rest of that nation's people and businesses suffocating for lack of such resources.

It simply and oh so very demonstrably throughout the course of History cannot be accomplished. Not to any end but the destruction of such a nation.

I don't foresee the U.S.A. becoming a 3rd World nation within the next 20 years, or even 50 barring some sort of invasion of massive proportions, whether that be from the waves of immigrants we will undoubtedly have from quickly flooding coastal areas around the globe, or from some not unpredicted further explosion of Islamist extremism. Neither of those possibilities is extraordinarily unlikely, but I really believe that the grotesquely wealthy American aristocracy will prevail upon the ignorant and wonderful hordes of American citizens to keep them voting in ever more malignant State and Federal marionettes to write laws denying American opportunities to such traditional pilgrims as the former, and continuing the Bush administration's diminishment of individual liberties. Ostensibly these laws will continue to be in support of the Constitution, though in actuality they can have no effect but to continue to produce a Federal government which not even Alexander Hamilton would have recognized as "Democratic".

This can only be allowed if those elected officials, especially those such as yourself, Mr President, whom we elect to alleviate the Financial distress we are facing instead succumb to the persuasive and vain arguments of the Aristocracy of this country. It can only happen if you, Mr President, allow yourself to honestly believe that our mission in Afghanistan is to "defend against terrorist breeding grounds" or to promote Democracy in a primitive but deserving society. To believe that the Reaganesque theory of Trickle Down Economics has lasting value, even after its natural ability to sustain an entire economy has run out.

It can only be continued if our nation's financial resources are allowed to continue being funneled to those who already control such a disproportionate share. They do not earn that share. They have purchased it, not with the sweat of their brows, or the grace of their creativity, but by their insidious and disingenuous manipulations of the good will and great desire of the common ranks of humanity in these United States to see justice done and liberty maintained by all. By convincing so many individuals that it is only Government which is inefficient and nepotistic, whilst the very demonstrable facts of corruption and inefficiency show that it is unregulated private enterprise which embezzles and misdirects and flat out wastes more financial resources in any given business cycle than the U.S. government does in any given year.

The Aristocracy steals wealth by "virtue" of the Fear they can instill via media and mass marketing, both in the appropriate venue of the market for goods and services, and more viciously anti-constitutionally as they are allowed to via the same methods during our bi-annual Circus of Electioneering.

In order for any nation, for any civilization, to achieve financial and civil health it's resources must be made available utilizing relevant and appropriate rules and stipulations to the greatest number of individuals. Some will always scale ever greater heights of accumulation via the ability of individual animals to adapt and learn how best to succeed at overcoming the challenges in their ways. No matter whether those challenges are spontaneously occurring natural events or geologic phenomena, or instead those created by our fellows and the institutions we create to regulate each others' behaviour vis-a-vie one another and nature, some will overcome them. This is as it should be, and is why we sublimate the concepts of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in our Constitution's preamble.

Oh... but there is also another concept in that preamble. Justice. And it is not meant for only those who have sucked off so much of the wealth and liberties to pursue their goals at the expense of all who can't financially or societally challenge them. The importance of Justice is that it defends those same lesser go-getters from the "best of us", without in any empirically unfair way impinging upon each of our abilities to climb as high as our own personal resources can take us.

Mr President, you swore to work for the Middle Class, and are honorable and intelligent enough to not mistake that oath as a reason to hunt down and persecute those whose great wealth puts them far beyond that economic class. The Middle Class in all nations, though it is usually the force of revolutions against tyrants, has never been the one to instigate Class Warfare. Just as rarely have the poorer working and impoverished classes. It has always been and is today the Wealthiest class, those who own so much of the financial resources of their nations as to be considered living in an entirely different civilization from their less economically swollen peers which instigates and foments such warfare. This, as Sen Sanders does so eloquently and passionately point out, is the crux of the destruction of our Great Society today. A Beacon on a Hill shines for all people. Not merely those whose boats are called yachts. Whose wealth is staggering in comparison to the average person's. Whose lineage is precisely mapped and maintained for some delusional and duplicitous sense of worth having nothing at all to do with accomplishment or contribution to their society.

Class Warfare is perpetrated by the Wealthiest, though not all of their economic peers do support their assaults and thrusts and feints. Nothing is All or Nothing except for Life and Death, Mr President. Your support of the current of wealth flowing ever more fully into the coffers of those who already hoard far more than their responsible share will be your political downfall.

Please reassign that support as quickly as might be possible. Otherwise it will certainly, History confirms this fact, certainly portend the diminishing of this great experiment in Democracy which are these United States of America.

Sincerely and with Hope

Michael Bains
Cleveland, OH USA

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I don't now need
to believe
as hard as I once so truly did
when I was all angst and invective
against the gods
and all their sundry

Is it insensitive
to care far more
for your mortal coil
then for the spin which life
for you has propelled
some kind of order to
this madness

Essences frothing
foaming and devoting
countless little nothings
each of their own
beyond the pail
each with grasping
hands and minds

Awareness settles in
at last I see
at least I see
something more than mere belief
erupting like a plume
of magma from a new land's
birthing cauldron

In salt and wet
unwholesome sweat
and benign accompaniment
of little things
which no one thinks about
lest we be rousted
from our sleeping

For now too long
I have thought about them
though there can never be
enough of thought
expressions of a mind
evolved in trees and
the floor of the world
wide and free and terrifying

Is dreaming still
the night's watchman
the guard upon whom
all lives depend
to waken them
when hyenas roam and salivate
for childrens' flesh and marrow

I believe it's so
but let me be the first
to say that I know not
what favors
mystical unknowns
might deign to bestow upon
our fair and foul
family of humanity
within the jungles
of our complex minds

So wherein lies
the tale teller's crux
that oh so many
believe his sorry tellings
on the screens
and waves of modernity
and soiled by sellings
of mere things to boost morale
to slaver for new needs
to be fulfilled

It's all in the enigma
it's three slight pounds
it's lobes too three
it's aloneness
in the darks of nights
intent on being
someone something gleaming
chrome and bright
which all might to believe in

A portion of our time
elapsed and lost and ruined
yet still alabaster
in pristine and innocent
alone together
none as one except
in special circumstances

How is the end
to ever come
for ever and the new beginnings
the airs we breathe
and sighing leave behind
to those who
come after all unwilling
until each shall find
our own means to believe

And with believing
cold willing
or the passion of
the fireplace on plains of
ancient dusks' heartless landscapes
and god's

Believe believers
or failing that
buy your ways from darkness
it's only what we each are owed
for this life with which we're playing
whether by the rules
we're given to believe in
Or simply until our leaving

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Kurzweil Keynote

Ray Kurzweil has been working with and writing about Artificial Intelligence and technology for over 40 years. In this keynote speech for last year's Singularity University Executive Program* he divulges much awe inspiring information about the exponential growth of the pace of development in microprocessor technologies, human genome discovery, image scanning - both macro and micro - and the internet. In a studiously careful yet casual manner he convincingly explains how one can include literally any other realm of research and philosophical contemplation in the process of evolving understanding.

At about 20 minutes into the clip, he hits on what is surely the Most Important Point to comprehend as fully as is possible for those who would Govern and partake effectively and profitably in Economies: Resource availability (regulation and allocation!) fuels or limits growth.

This is certainly not a fact which he limits to economics. His focus is, of course, technology in general, and argue for segregation of ideas as one might, economics is amongst the most fundamental technologies of Homo Sapiens sapiens. Even before our ancestors developed the knack for using a broken and sharp edged piece rock to cut away more manageable slices of supper they were observing their environment and planning where next to spend their energy finding food and shelter. They had evolved to be animals who were capable of consciously thinking about their places in, not only their own little social groupings, but the environment which they personally and as a group did have around them. The order and extent to which this emergence of consciousness took place is amongst the most profoundly challenging questions which our species does wonder. What is it if not the basis of all Creation Myths? What is it if not the ultimate source of that most common of questions that we ask, not only ourselves, but of our Gods? Why are we here? Why did this happen to me? What is the meaning of Life?

And the way to the answers, as recordable history is making plain and clear, is through ever more clear observation and always open-minded analysis of reality. Kurzweil makes it very clear in this presentation how both of those activities have benefited and improved profoundly in quality and accuracy through our use of technology. Not only of the electronic variety over the last 100 years or so, but throughout the time of our existence on this world. Recent discoveries in neuro-biology have even shown how our relationships, our connections to animals (and even plants!) as simple as aplysia, the see slugs studied by Eric Kandel, convincingly evidence that our ability to obtain those answers are innate. A functional development of our evolution from the single celled molecules which somehow managed to replicate themselves over years, then hundreds, then thousands and then hundreds of millions of years until, apparently in the blink of a cosmic eye, We should stand up and ask them all. Miraculous and Natural. Wow! :)

On a more personal note, (c'mon! You guys know me!) at about the 30 minute mark I almost had a mental orgasm (lol!) as I first got started using the internet in the year, 1993, right before it exploded into the general societal consciousness. The chart he displays** reflects how the interwebs had by that year been mostly a collection of connections between Universities and other points of research activity. Those connections did certainly stretch to far points on the globe (not shown per se) but were quite thinly spread, and specific in their destinations from one point to the next. Talk about a natural miracle of understanding! Within 7 years we had such economic investments in this new phenomenon that, when the bubble did finally pop, the Media and Wall Street simply had to give it an iconic name; The Dot Com Bust.

Finally, for those of you who find our American worship of the Stock Market and so called "free enterprise" fascinating, at the 36:00 mark, near the end of the clip, Kurzweil begins to explain how we've already gained enough information about the physiology of our brains in order to at least begin to understand why our - and these are my words, not his - self interests are not always what we think they should be. He explains how the "dot com bust" was really and effective only a bust for investors on Wall Street. There simply was no letup in the expansion of either personal or commercial use of the internet. In fact it continued to expand at the same rate it had been doing and does still continue, regardless of who wins or loses in their investments in the Market. The electronic communication web continues to become an ever more natural and sustainable fact of human life. In more ways than we can currently comprehend or even imagine.

Finding this video this morning was a much appreciated event. Thank you, Facebook! Kurzweil is one of those awesome silly humans whom I admire and I appreciate so very much his being in the public eye. He has learned how to integrate knowledge in, stay with me here, such a compassionate manner as to be capable of understanding that what one learns in one singular field of study can and indeed must be utilized in other fields, no matter that they might seem so very disparate as to appear completely unrelated.

At least until we understand, and then care how they're all part of the one.

--- ---
* The link is to this year's Program.

** If I've one criticism of the video it's simply that the camera doesn't stay long enough on those charts and graphs Kurzweil uses so effectively to make his points. Most likely my dissatisfaction on this point is based in the sluggishness of my own brain's observational inputs. I may seem to some to make "flash" decisions, but any observations which I might share have almost always been simmering up in that 3 pound enigma for months, or even years, integrating information and making sense of it. If I'd been in the audience, or doing the recording or producing even, I would definitely have spent a little longer on the slides.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Facebooking My Silly Brains Out

Just as I always did on here, a whole hekkuvalot of my 3 pound enigma does get spread about on FB now.

Sorry for the mess. Please do stop by and Thank You Larry Jones for the shout out. I do forget these little, but important, social nicities of letting friends know what's the haps, eh. I know that is one reason I still do TMI too many acquaintances. I am SO still working on being a good friend.



Post Script No idea who created the pic above. If "you" happen to see it here, please to contact me and Thank You! Lovin' it!

Monday, May 03, 2010

"Safe, Accountable, Fair, and Efficient Banking Act of 2010 "

If you'd like to send an email to your US Rep and Senators which support Sen Sherrod Brown's SAFE Banking Act (S. 3241 please click on this link to Unite.

Below is the, admittedly verbose, opinion I tagged onto my own submittal to Senators Brown and Voinovich, and Representative Kucinich.

The concentrated wealth in these four Banks' control has two effects both contrary to and detrimental to the US Constitution: It prevents the opportunity for other financial institutions to enjoy the liberty of freedom of expression which is each person's and corporation's constitutional right and, as is the focus of this petition, it cripples our Nation's ability to defend itself against the complexity of Economic History unfolding.

The accumulation of Wealth is a right. The accumulation by a number of individuals and institutions which is limited by their control of a large percentage of the current total capacity of Wealth which might be created has always led to a system which operates to the detriment of the very institutions and persons to which and whom that right has been given, whther it has been given by the governed or by hereditary or conquering rulers.

If our Federal government is to stay out of the business of "redistributing" Wealth it must rigorously, and as scientifically as possible, regulate the ability of any person or institution to accumulate an unbalanced percentage of the total Wealth currently and imminently available to both the local (National) and global (International) financial pools.

Regulated Capitalism has so far proven to be the most reliable method of ensuring liberty and inclusivity to our species. History proves, mathematically, that all systems will fail where once they had succeeded if they are not consistently and effectively maintained. Nature does this via Catastrophes. Humanity must always use conscious, diligent and intelligent Regulation of the Rules by which we live Together.

Sunday, April 25, 2010



I’d been sitting here, in this same couch, wondering for hours when it was going to hit. When would the tables be turned on the politics of passion which had been bogging down the political and commercial works for so many months now. 

I couldn’t figure it would be long.

Now I’m back in that couch. Stinking of sweat and fresh earth. Blood and roses and thinking, was it worth it? Was the most likely broken bone in my hip, the still bleeding, despite the ice and beach towel wrapped tightly around it, bullet wound in my right hip worth the still uncertain outcome the last 24 hours? Especially since no one is ever likely to know it was me to got this new ball rolling?

It hurts, but I smile contentedly. Oh yes. Oh yes it will.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Comment King

This is perhaps the clearest explanation of Global Climate Change I’ve ever read. The commenter (on New Scientist online) wrote nothing but heavily evidenced and even mathematically proven statements about why we can’t just pretend like we don't have the capacity over time to make this planet completely unsupportive of "our way of life."

10 comment down on a story from the article headlined, Hybrid fusion: the third nuclear option

Still Adding Energy To Its Overload

Fri Mar 05 12:58:35 GMT 2010 by Peter Thomson

Doctor Singmaster, the Earth and it's biosphere is most definitely not a closed system. It is an open system in an equilibrium state, where the inflow of solar energy (insolation) is balanced by the outflow of low frequency infra-red energy being re-radiated from the planet's surface and atmosphere back into space. The temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere is the temperature at which equilibrium occurs.

I understand your main concern is heating caused by human release of stored forms of energy, such as fossil fuels and nuclear. But human energy use is only small fraction of the solar heat balance.
The solar energy inflow to Earth is 174 petawatts, balanced at the atmosphere/space boundary by an equal outflow (if it wasn't we'd be heating up very quickly indeed!) Global human consumption of all forms of energy is 15 terawatts. This is less than 0.01% of the total heat flux of the planet.

This human heat does not continuously build up in the atmosphere. The temperature only rises until the infra-red outflow balances the solar inflow plus the generated heat. At 0.01% of total flux, the direct human-induced temperature rise is insignificant.

The real issue is the carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. This 'greenhouse gas' makes the atmosphere look marginally more opaque to low frequncy infra-red, reducing the rate of radiation outflow. This forces the planet to warm up, until the low frequency outflow once more equals the solar flux. Equilibrium is achieved, but at a higher average surface temperature.

Trying to cool the planet by trapping and removing energy from the atmosphere is futile - we can't possibly remove enough heat to make any difference. The real solution is to remove and sequester atmospheric CO2 until the CO2 level falls back to long term levels.
Our future descendents may well thank us if we can capture the carbon from atmospheric CO2, and store it where it is accessible. They might just need to pump it back into the atmosphere in a few thousand years time - to prevent the next Milankovich cycle ice age!

Of course the evidence/proofs are supplied in the comment, but, also of course, it's not a research paper, nor are ur fingers broken. Google what you doubt or are curious about! :) The information is readily available and substantiated and FREE for all to see.

Here're a couple of great places to start.

Real Climate: Climate Science from climate scientists
IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

And please do look out for the highly educated who's only excuse for the degree to which they take their disagreements on extraordinarily well documented climate trends appears to be some slight they received from the, truthfully as the unavoidability of rain in monsoon season, the all too human element of other scientists. There are some folks who claim to compare data, right up to the point where someone tries to compare RELEVANT data.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Coming Out of Manic Mode

Not sure if this is gonna help me come down easier, but it strikes a chord so sweet and true I've wanted to post it all day.

If I may be so bold as to add to Goethe's insight; and punishment does squat of any positive value whatsoever.

Last Friday I got home and read this article on Complexity and Collapse*and, thoughout the entire essay, my brain was bubbling with ideas which I couldn't slow down enough to write. {sigh} but lol! Oy! Sometimes I get it down, and sometimes I just have to let it go, believing I've thought such ways before and know the material fairly well so will indeed get it out when I'm more level headed.

'Tany rate, Happy Friday and it's off to the weekend!


* Alas! that a subscription is required for online reading, but perhaps some stray click-by reader will have one. Truly a great and insightful article, so to any interested, pick up the March/April 2010 issue of Foreign Affairs. It's the first of the essays and follows directly upon Kenneth Roth's, slightly over critical IMO, commentary on Pres-O's approach to Human Rights to date. Well worth the read.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Pinch Those Pennies, Ma & Pa Farmers

But you are A) not alone and B) not to be among the first wave of new EPA regulations of livestock effluents. At least not if the Obama Admin can get this one right.

As does any other lover of burgers and steak and 'dogs (Oh Yum!) I don't for a minute enjoy the idea of paying $15 for grocery store sirloin. Nor $5 + for an 8 pack of pure beef wieners. I don't buy chicken frequently enough (ever?) to know the cost of a package of poultry fit for a family, but I do know that it doesn't matter a bit whether or not I ever visit the Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico or any other recently enormously expanded Dead Zones in one of our nation's waterways. I do know that I, and everyone single person in these United States of America, is going to pay for dealing with those diminutions of said waterways by virtue of the higher costs for everything from sea foods to government financed clean-ups which are inevitable and growing ever more imminent.

To whit:
(From the WaPo online)

Animal manure, a byproduct as old as agriculture, has become an unlikely modern pollution problem, scientists and environmentalists say. The country simply has more dung than it can handle: Crowded together at a new breed of megafarms, livestock produce three times as much waste as people, more than can be recycled as fertilizer for nearby fields.

That excess manure gives off air pollutants, and it is the country's fastest-growing large source of methane, a greenhouse gas.

And it washes down with the rain, helping to cause the 230 oxygen-deprived "dead zones" that have proliferated along the U.S. coast. In the Chesapeake Bay, about one-fourth of the pollution that leads to dead zones can be traced to the back ends of cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys.

Just one more worry, eh. At least if you're head isn't secluded in the warmth and wetness of your own internal lake placid.

My hope, as stated above, is that the Obama Admin does indeed help the Big Boys of the Agricultural Industrial Complex find relatively affordable ways to mitigate this exorbitant (and, incidentally, disgustingly smelly) growth of natural human directly pollution in ways that allows for future regulation - FUTURE, not immediate!- of the far more common common family animal husbandry facilities (aka, Ma & Pa farms) which are contributing in equal amounts to the devastation.

Give 'em time and resources to prevent the inevitable "keep the government out o' my business" complaints which never A) resolve the problem or B) provide a solution that allows ma & pa to stay in said family run business.

On an unrelated but always relevant note, Happy Monday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'd Buy From This E. Bayh

It had been a while since I can recall hearing anything about Evan Bayh. Probably since he was Gov'nor of [not Illinois] Indiana (think I've got Chicago on my mind. :-)) and running for Congress. Alas that this should be the next thing for me to notice!

Completely on point is his Op-Ed contribution in the Sunday (saturday online) NYTimes. The point being that both the American peops and the critters we've elected to do "our" governmental bidding would all rather bash each other for political gain and out of personal fear of political loss of the power to determine our own futures, than we would step back and breath deep before commencing to compromise, NOT our principles, but our approaches to building our Nation up, addressing it's inevitable (and sometimes perennial) short-comings and continue to recreate the most profoundly democratic and reason based Society to come on the anthropological scene since the Dawn of Our Time.

He even makes a swell start of it by pointing out that Congress is, by nature, a rather easy target for our scorn. "BASEBALL may be our national pastime, but the age-old tradition of taking a swing at Congress is a sport with even deeper historical roots..." Rather than wasting time (my Op) debating or just discussing the reasons for that political pastime, Bayh gets specific on how things have gotten so bad that next to nothing of any positive effect can get done when the two (and only two, unfortunately) sides refuse to even entertain the notion that their colleagues are or even can be anything but the Opposition.

As if we don't all want the Exact Same Things! The strength and security to continue on as a Free Democratic Republic. ONE Nation. Indivisible (even with or without god!) If the Constitution allows for Congress to see any among our fellow citizens as the "opposition" it is specifically and categorically the other two branches of Government.

But I digress...

Time and my own propensity to ramble when enthused by what I've read both suggest I wrap this up with a bit of the more powerful and, back to being on point, on point portions from Bayh's piece:
page 3 online:

Of course, the genesis of a good portion of the gridlock in Congress does not reside in Congress itself. Ultimate reform will require each of us, as voters and Americans, to take a long look in the mirror, because in many ways, our representatives in Washington reflect the people who have sent them there.

The most ideologically devoted elements in both parties must accept that not every compromise is a sign of betrayal or an indication of moral lassitude. When too many of our citizens take an all-or-nothing approach, we should not be surprised when nothing is the result.

Our most strident partisans must learn to occasionally sacrifice short-term tactical political advantage for the sake of the nation. Otherwise, Congress will remain stuck in an endless cycle of recrimination and revenge. The minority seeks to frustrate the majority, and when the majority is displaced it returns the favor. Power is constantly sought through the use of means which render its effective use, once acquired, impossible.

What is required from members of Congress and the public alike is a new spirit of devotion to the national welfare beyond party or self-interest. In a time of national peril, with our problems compounding, we must remember that more unites us as Americans than divides us.

Immediately previous to that extremely accurate assertion of the problem at hand and what to do about, Bayh suggests reducing from 60 to 55 the votes needed to override a filibuster. Whilst I agree, entirely, whole-heartedly, enthusiastically as ever can I be about the debased use to which the procedure has been constantly put as of late, I would rather see some other method of minimizing its practice. 2/3 of the chamber's agreement may be too much, but a nice round 60, low for a Free Throw %, but astounding for a 3 Pt shooter, is a solid requirement, IMO.

Okay. I'm off to take on another day! Late!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Reads for Good... well.. Reads! :)

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Breaking Obama

I forget. Is it recursive or redundant to post a post containing a comment one left on another's post?

MEH! It's hardly 8am on Saturday. I should care less.

Oh, and you (all) should read both Larry Jones and Robert Reich with regularity.

Starting with one of my best-evah blog buds, Mr. Jones;

I don’t expect miracles, and I know (Obama)’s only been in office for a year, and he is following the administration of George W. Bush, who must surely have been the worst president ever, and who really did leave a stinking mess behind. But I have the distinct sensation that nothing good is happening in the federal government, and while I want to be tolerant of a man whom I consider smart and decent, I think I’ll hold my applause until I see some action.

That paragraph does succinctly sum up my own thoughts and feelings on the matter of our 44th President to this point in his Admin, and reading LJ's post immediately set me to wondering what the Rational Robert* of Bill Clinton's Admin might have to say about matters SotU. After checking out Reich's tempered reaction I clicked back to Revision 99 and wrote this response.

To your post’s point; as Bob Reich says, “…Carefully targeted — as are the cuts the President is proposing — they can give businesses an extra nudge to hire. But without adequate demand, they’re useless (as job creators).”

Of course, the point the so called Conservatives purposefully “miss” is that such cuts would assist corporations’ bottom lines and, thus their performance in the Hallowed Stock Market.

Just for a while, boys. Just for long enough for the cats with the capital to make their profit$ and get themselves gone to greener marks… errr uh… markets, no, um, pastures. Yes. Greener pastures.

Fingers crossed and donations made to Jennifer Brunners’ campaign to be OH’s new US Senator when Voinovich retires.


I'd forgotten how liberating a little bloggoriffic self-indulgence can be! As per usual on posts of this nature, I hope it's been rational and helpful. Otherwise... well... It's 8am on a Saturday. Whaddaya want for nothin'?

* The Irrational Robert being one of the banal boors our 44 does instead defer to on matters Economic. Aka Robert Rubin.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

in blinks of eyes passes life

Steinbeck Fast then Slowly

and then I go and fantasize away another portion. This time while “working”, dnloading Windows 7 for a pretty decent veep from work and then installing. Yikes! what a night, and me a morning person.

oh… Morning it is.

Coolio. Now to continue thinking as little as possible about, in no particular order, the end of another abysmally wretched fantasy football season*, the politics of ignorance, @)^()%^! !%# 3qq@, and crossing the street to get to shovel out my car without a real scraper in 20 degree temps. Meesa luvs meesam snowstuff!

Anyway, I almost rewrote the tit to read "... eyes pass lives" but life is everyone's.

wtfiwwm??? ;D

* 4th Place outta 6 teams. 6? I think it was six. I only know the Hipster and his can’t-stop-blushing bride, “DatBroad” and ain’t sure even they know 1 of the other 3. So much for Drew Breezzzze. Hope he beats the Vikes or Steerboys bad in the NFCCG and then drops Indy’s “well rested” lads for Scoreboard. Yep.