Dear Mr President

From Reagan to Clinton, and the Bushes to now, yes now. The share of income earned in the United States has been legislatively funneled towards, not only the top One Percent of this country's population, but to an even smaller percentage of income earners.

Please to give Bernie Sanders your full attention for 10 or 15 minutes. Get your coffee. Let the E-sitter watch the kids for a moment or so and embrace the reality into which these United States are being ever more inextricably compacted.

And I'm posting the following on the President's website. If nothing else then to make myself feel somewhat better so that I don't continue argue with so much vehemence with my own dear peops. It does, I know, make me less than an enjoyable person to be around at time. :)

My Dear President Barack Obama

Please understand this fundamental fact of nature: One cannot rule from the top down in an effective and efficacious manner for the whole of any environment. It destroys that environment to siphon too large a percentage of its resources to the any single subset. 20+% of a nation's wealth cannot be concentrated in the financial accounts of a mere 1% without the rest of that nation's people and businesses suffocating for lack of such resources.

It simply and oh so very demonstrably throughout the course of History cannot be accomplished. Not to any end but the destruction of such a nation.

I don't foresee the U.S.A. becoming a 3rd World nation within the next 20 years, or even 50 barring some sort of invasion of massive proportions, whether that be from the waves of immigrants we will undoubtedly have from quickly flooding coastal areas around the globe, or from some not unpredicted further explosion of Islamist extremism. Neither of those possibilities is extraordinarily unlikely, but I really believe that the grotesquely wealthy American aristocracy will prevail upon the ignorant and wonderful hordes of American citizens to keep them voting in ever more malignant State and Federal marionettes to write laws denying American opportunities to such traditional pilgrims as the former, and continuing the Bush administration's diminishment of individual liberties. Ostensibly these laws will continue to be in support of the Constitution, though in actuality they can have no effect but to continue to produce a Federal government which not even Alexander Hamilton would have recognized as "Democratic".

This can only be allowed if those elected officials, especially those such as yourself, Mr President, whom we elect to alleviate the Financial distress we are facing instead succumb to the persuasive and vain arguments of the Aristocracy of this country. It can only happen if you, Mr President, allow yourself to honestly believe that our mission in Afghanistan is to "defend against terrorist breeding grounds" or to promote Democracy in a primitive but deserving society. To believe that the Reaganesque theory of Trickle Down Economics has lasting value, even after its natural ability to sustain an entire economy has run out.

It can only be continued if our nation's financial resources are allowed to continue being funneled to those who already control such a disproportionate share. They do not earn that share. They have purchased it, not with the sweat of their brows, or the grace of their creativity, but by their insidious and disingenuous manipulations of the good will and great desire of the common ranks of humanity in these United States to see justice done and liberty maintained by all. By convincing so many individuals that it is only Government which is inefficient and nepotistic, whilst the very demonstrable facts of corruption and inefficiency show that it is unregulated private enterprise which embezzles and misdirects and flat out wastes more financial resources in any given business cycle than the U.S. government does in any given year.

The Aristocracy steals wealth by "virtue" of the Fear they can instill via media and mass marketing, both in the appropriate venue of the market for goods and services, and more viciously anti-constitutionally as they are allowed to via the same methods during our bi-annual Circus of Electioneering.

In order for any nation, for any civilization, to achieve financial and civil health it's resources must be made available utilizing relevant and appropriate rules and stipulations to the greatest number of individuals. Some will always scale ever greater heights of accumulation via the ability of individual animals to adapt and learn how best to succeed at overcoming the challenges in their ways. No matter whether those challenges are spontaneously occurring natural events or geologic phenomena, or instead those created by our fellows and the institutions we create to regulate each others' behaviour vis-a-vie one another and nature, some will overcome them. This is as it should be, and is why we sublimate the concepts of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in our Constitution's preamble.

Oh... but there is also another concept in that preamble. Justice. And it is not meant for only those who have sucked off so much of the wealth and liberties to pursue their goals at the expense of all who can't financially or societally challenge them. The importance of Justice is that it defends those same lesser go-getters from the "best of us", without in any empirically unfair way impinging upon each of our abilities to climb as high as our own personal resources can take us.

Mr President, you swore to work for the Middle Class, and are honorable and intelligent enough to not mistake that oath as a reason to hunt down and persecute those whose great wealth puts them far beyond that economic class. The Middle Class in all nations, though it is usually the force of revolutions against tyrants, has never been the one to instigate Class Warfare. Just as rarely have the poorer working and impoverished classes. It has always been and is today the Wealthiest class, those who own so much of the financial resources of their nations as to be considered living in an entirely different civilization from their less economically swollen peers which instigates and foments such warfare. This, as Sen Sanders does so eloquently and passionately point out, is the crux of the destruction of our Great Society today. A Beacon on a Hill shines for all people. Not merely those whose boats are called yachts. Whose wealth is staggering in comparison to the average person's. Whose lineage is precisely mapped and maintained for some delusional and duplicitous sense of worth having nothing at all to do with accomplishment or contribution to their society.

Class Warfare is perpetrated by the Wealthiest, though not all of their economic peers do support their assaults and thrusts and feints. Nothing is All or Nothing except for Life and Death, Mr President. Your support of the current of wealth flowing ever more fully into the coffers of those who already hoard far more than their responsible share will be your political downfall.

Please reassign that support as quickly as might be possible. Otherwise it will certainly, History confirms this fact, certainly portend the diminishing of this great experiment in Democracy which are these United States of America.

Sincerely and with Hope

Michael Bains
Cleveland, OH USA


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