Happy New Year's Eve

Imagine being safely seated in lifeboat, while countless others drown, only to learn that another lifeboat has been secured to take your luggage to shore...
Sam Harris, "A New Year's Resolution for the Rich"

His quip isn't anywhere near to being empty. It's what happened throughout the History of civilization. It's what is happening right now. Not only in the United States but definitely here. Definitely with Our support. With the support of the majority of Americans who, inheriting second-hand tales of the austerity with which our Grands and great grandparents did live through the Great Depression, believe that we are merely being forced into our less dreamy version of our America due to Government policies which suck our wallets dry and redistribute our own hard earned wealth to the slacking and otherwise "undeserving" poor.

Well, we've got the undeserving part right, anyway...

Happy New Year to us all. It's going to be the one we've worked to get. Like it or not, it's what we really seem to believe we deserve.


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