If everyone voted, after becoming as informed as the modern net can supply, would this really be the world in which we live? There are times in History when people have in front of them a decision to make. It probably isn't that time for even a large minority of people, but it is growing, and will swell unbelievably when something makes everything bad enough to suck the life out of too many people who Want To Live.

And in a peaceful, loving, prosperous and responsible world. Really! I believe that most people do, and that's why they let Leaders in their culture and Politics set the stage for them. As if those homo sapes were Lords and creators and protectors.

And sometimes they have been.

I don't know how close we are to that time. When so many will do more than throw our hands up in disgust, refusing to share their opinion or develop it more fully. When we will rise up physically and politically again. To what effect, no one now knows, though I see a nasty path to a good.

I think this time is closer to now then it is to the Reagan years and the nuclear apocalypse potential which preceded the Gulf incursions and manipulations that still haunt us, mostly now via Afghanistan and our Saudi alliance. Too bad that in the the 70s, did 60s activism become something less, something different, though still very connected to pride and feeling good, rather than feeling good about our accomplishments. So many people, stoned on drugs, booze, consumerism or patriotism, or religion, felt the farm being bought, and shifted into proud American mode, still loaded on the fear and self-congratulatory compensation which those cultural addictions duly provide.

Vive la Ronnie!

Since 9/11 we've spent our way into bankruptcy and foreclosure supporting the U.S. of A. Land of the free. Home of the brave. But now too many of us are broke near to dropping out of the American Dream, and those who are rich are so beyond the wildest dreams of your average TV addict.

I hope what's coming upon us Historically is another peaceful transition. Well, at least of the Eisenhower from Truman sort. Full of the usual vitriol and innuendo, but lacking McCarthy's power of paranoia.

I know... I tend to ask for everything.


  1. Wow. You shout the truth. More power to you, MB. writing, .

  2. The only thing I'd change about the above is to say, at least of the Truman-Eisenhower-Kennedy transition. Transitions take longer than two term presidents can fully provide.

    It seems to me that a Bobby Kennedy Presidency might well have continued the Good bits which Johnson's admin did facilitate, while resolving a few of the more vexing Military and Societal issues. Nixon was about the opposite of what the U.S. needed at the time. I think his 1.5 terms encouraged the leavening of Americans' longing for a return to that mythical "simpler time" of the 50s. A Bobby K presidency might instead have helped bring 60s activism into a more Main Street accepted kind of norm.

    Again, I do dream rather big and, perhaps, fruitlessly.

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